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Millennials Focus on Investing with Impact
10 Years After Bear Stearns’ Collapse
2017 Mid-Year Outlook Webcast
2017 Multi-Asset Class Outlook
2019 Full-Year Global Market Outlook
A Call for Global Dividend Investing
A Leader in Global Asset Management
A Long-Term Outlook for Senior Loans
A Look at Greek Bonds
A Proven Approach to Alpha Generation
A Restructuring Success Story
A Softer Cycle for the Semiconductor Industry
A Stronger Predictor of Short-Term Asset Returns?
A Tobacco Bond With An Unusual Twist
Abenomics Increasing Appeal of Japanese Stocks
About Share Classes & Reducing Sales Charges
Adaptability in Multi-Factor Portfolios
Advising Wealthy Families
Advisors - How to Retain Next Gen Clients
Affluent Millennial Views on Wealth
Alternative Investment Strategies
An Alternative Strategy Based on Data Analysis
An International Strategy for Investing in Bonds
Analyzing Long Term Investment Strategies
Andrew Donohue Joins’ Denver Board
Andrew Doyle: Chief Human Resources Officer
April MLP Update and Permian Natural Gas Volumes
Baby Boomers Help Advisors Woo Millennial
Bad News Is Good News for Eurozone Stocks
Banks Need New Software, and Not Just Windows 8
Brexit: Article 50’s Deadline Approaches
Bubble-Proof Your Investment Portfolio
Building Income Portfolios in a Low-Yield Environment
Building a Better Bond Portfolio
CA Muni Investors Consider Summer Travel
CIO Insights from Krishna Memani
Campden Wealth Interactive Experience
Can ESG Enhance Investment Returns?
Can Markets Deliver Another Strong Year?
Canadian Shoppers Look After Their Loonies
Capitulation, Thy Name Is Powell
China Growth Outlook
China Technology: The Nexus of Innovation
China’s Retail Experiments
China’s Technology Revolution
Choosing Your Retirement Plan Advisor
Closing of Oppenheimer Navellier Overall A-100 Revenue ETF
Combining Growth and Environmental Innovation
Company Executives
Conditions Still Support Growth in 2H18
Congress Joins the Retirement Income Discussion
Consider custom target date funds
Consider global stocks for international diversification
Current Market Outlook May Be Too Rosy
Custom Target Date Fund Resources
Cynthia Lo Bessette: General Counsel
DC Investments and Benchmarking Reports
DCIO Business Building Tools
DCIO Business Building Tools & Resources
Dan Loughran, Municipal Bond Manager, to Retire from’ Rochester Team
Data Deluge Driving Network Restructuring
David M. Pfeffer: Chief Financial Officer
David Mazza Joins Beta Solutions
Debunking Fake News for Investors
Derivatives in Global Debt Investing
Designing Effective Whole Family Meetings
Designing Objective-Driven Multi-Asset Portfolios
Despite Volatility, Our Outlook is Positive
Dispelling Myths About EM Debt Growth
Diverging Performance Between the Markets and Economy
Do You Own Enough International Stocks?
Don't Fear a British EU Departure
Don't Let EM Noise Shape Your Decisions
Don’t Be Scared by the Death Cross in FANG Stocks
Don’t Mirror the Index – Challenge the Index
Don’t Worry About Yield Curve Inversion
ESG Investing: What Comes Next?
ETF flows update for April 2018
Emerging Market Consumer Spending Holding Up
Emerging Market Stocks
Emerging Market Strategy
Emerging Markets Continue to Be Attractive
Emerging Markets Through an ESG Lens
Equity Market Outlook
Equity Opportunity Concentrated Outside U.S.
Equity Strategy Playbook Podcast
Eric Meltzer: Chief Technology and Operations Officer
Escheatment, Abandoned Property, and Account Activity
European Central Bank Turning Dovish
Evaluating 3 Basic Components of a TDF
Evaluating FAANG Stocks Through a Revenue Lens
Evaluating Sustainability in Fixed Income
Exchanges Are Prepared for Volatility
Executive Summary
Factor Dashboard: April 2019
Factor Investing with a Focus on Quality
Factor Investing: Capitalizing on a Slowdown
Fed Raises Interest Rates At March Meeting
Fed Tightening May Not Roil Markets
Federal Reserve Becomes Uber-Dovish
Financial Advisors & Their Clients
Financial Literacy And Long-Term Wealth
Financial Literacy Lessons from the Depression
Financial Literacy for Advisors' Clients
Financial literacy enhances money management
Finding Opportunities in Midstream Energy
Finding Strong Equity Opportunities
Firm Launches Math Literacy Program: 10,000 Kids by 2020
Five More Years for This Cycle
Five Principles of Sustainable Investing
Fixed Income in South America
Focus On Emerging Market Fundamentals
Fund Name Reflects Its More Concentrated, Global Investing Approach
GDP Growth Doesn't Bind Investments
GMAG Monthly: Increasing EM Exposure
Gender and Finance: Bridging the Communications Gap
George Evans and Oppenheimer International Growth Fund: 20 Years of Excellence
George R. Evans: Equities Chief Investment Officer
Global Debt Outlook
Global Investments Can Address Home Bias Investing
Global Opportunities Fund
Globalize Portfolios for Diversification
Going for Growth Without Ignoring Value
Government Spending Firing Up The Economy
Greece Bailout Program Ends
Grocery’s Tech Revolution
Growth Stocks in Emerging Markets
GrowthSpotting: Profitable Long-Term Trends
Guiding Clients to a Secure Retirement
HNW Research and Sustainable Investing
Have Patience with Long Term Investments
Hedging Strategies for Portfolio Diversification
High-Quality, Tax-Efficient Fixed Income
House Retirement Security Proposal
How Advisors Can Win Over Millennials
How Do Wealthy Millennials Actually Invest?
How Gender Lens Investing Promotes Equity
How Italy Crisis May Affect Global Markets
How Monetary Tightening May Impact U.S. Growth
How Private Credit May Benefit Portfolios
How RIAs Can Prepare for an M&A Deal
How RIAs May Build a Strong Website
How RIAs May Use Smart Beta Strategies
How Senior Loans May Benefit Investors
How We Explain the Business Cycle Differently
How We Invest in Emerging Market Banks
How We’re Challenging the Index
How the Credit Cycle Drives Markets
How this Bull Market Will End
How to Avoid False Profits
How to Create Custom TDFs for 401(k) Plans
Identity Theft Victim: Actions to Immediately Take
If U.S. Stocks Stumble, Will EM Stocks Fall?
Impact of Rising Rates on Financial Markets
Impact of Rising Rates on Financial Markets
Impact of Tightening on Emerging Markets
Implications of Fed Policy Normalization
In EM, Consider Small- and Mid-Cap Stocks
Income Strategy Playbook
Income Strategy: Still Favoring Credit and International
Increasing Exposure to MLPs
India Is Not the Next China
India’s Economy Improving
Infrastructure Investments
Innovation in Asia Podcast
Institutional Investors & Financial Intermediaries
Intelligent Investing in Smarter Cars
International Diversified Fund
International Small-Mid Company Fund
Introducing ESG to
Invesco and MassMutual announce strategic combination of Invesco and
Investing Identity of Wealthy Millennials
Investing In Quality Food Consumption
Investing Is All about Ideas
Investing in Bread, Booze and Bling
Investing in Chemical Stocks, like Brenntag
Investing in Emerging Markets
Investing in Environmental Innovation
Investing in Global Equities
Investing in Global Equities With Optimism
Investing in Global Growth Stocks
Investing in Global Listed Infrastructure
Investing in Innovation Funds
Investing in Innovation in the Emerging Markets
Investing in Liquefied Natural Gas
Investing in Luxury Goods
Investing in Midstream MLPs
Investing in Senior Loans
Investing in Video Games Like Fortnite
Investing in a Rising Leisure Sector
Investing in dividend stocks with a value investing approach
Investing in mid-cap growth stocks
Investing in the Air Travel Industry
Investment Grade Debt Team 10 Year Anniversary
Investment Grade Strategies
Investment Insights on Asset Allocation
Investment Opportunity in an Aging World
Investment Outlook for South Africa
Investment Perception Differences By Generation
Investor Concerns About Global Markets
Investors Should Be Optimistic About EM Equities Now
Japanese Economic Outlook
Joel Motley Elected Chair of New York Board
John McDonough: Head of Distribution
Justifying Financial Advisor Fees
Krishna Memani: Chief Investment Officer
Lessons on the Lehman Anniversary
Let’s Get Real About Real Estate
Long term investing with an automatic investment plan
Long-Term Investing Strategy & Current Events
Long-Term Strategies for Stock Investing
Longlists Announced for 2016 FT Emerging Voices Awards
Looking at Sustainable Investing in Context
Low Volatility Wins Factor Derby
López Obrador Tries to Solve Pemex Finances
MLP Investments & Oppenheimer SteelPath Funds
MLPs in a Rising-Rate Environment
MMT: Confusing a Political Idea with a New Economic Theory
Managing Complexity In RIA Practices
Managing Sequence of Returns Risk
Managing Volatility with High-Grade Bonds
Market Sentiment Can Guide Asset Allocation
Megatrends Podcast Series
Mexico Outlook Under President Manuel López Obrador
Mid-Cap Stocks: An Option for the Growth
Midstream MLPs: What Just Happened?
Millennial 401(k) Retirement Advice
Millennials' Investing Blind Spot
Mixing Investment-Grade and Senior Loans
Monetary and trade policy will drive economic growth
Monetizing Innovation in Emerging Markets
My Milk Has WHAT in It?
Never Judge a Dividend Stock by Its Yield
OFI Launches SteelPath MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund
OFI Named 2018 Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion Awards Winner
OFI Named a Top Company for Working Mothers
OFI Supports Chicago Community During Distribution Symposium
Oil Majors See Big Opportunity in U.S. Basins
Oil Prices Sink – Do Fundamentals Match Sentiment?
Older Millennials vs. Younger Millennials
One Millennial’s View of Impact Investing
Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund News
Oppenheimer Discovery Mid Cap Growth Fund Update
Oppenheimer Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund
Oppenheimer Global Fund: A World of Opportunity
Oppenheimer International Bond Fund Update
Oppenheimer International Growth Fund News
Oppenheimer Limited-Term Bond Fund
Oppenheimer Liquidates ADR Revenue & Global Growth Revenue ETFs
Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Fund News
OppenheimerFunds & Campden Wealth Release Coming of Age
OppenheimerFunds Ads Invite Investors to “Challenge Borders”
OppenheimerFunds Aligns Marketing, Digital Distribution
OppenheimerFunds Announces Factor Derby for Charity
OppenheimerFunds Announces New Dynamic Multi-Factor and Single-Factor ETFs
OppenheimerFunds Announces New Global Ultra Dividend ETF Strategies
OppenheimerFunds Announces New Multi-Factor ETF Ad Launch
OppenheimerFunds Announces “The Generations Project UK”
OppenheimerFunds Announces “The Generations Project”
OppenheimerFunds Best Companies for Dads
OppenheimerFunds Best Companies for Multicultural Women
OppenheimerFunds Best Companies for Working Mothers
OppenheimerFunds Builds out Beta Solutions Management Team
OppenheimerFunds Celebrates Factor ETF One-Year Anniversary
OppenheimerFunds Celebrates Ten Years of Revenue Weighted ETFs
OppenheimerFunds Commits to UN-Supported Principles for Responsible Investment
OppenheimerFunds Continues European Expansion
OppenheimerFunds ETFs Added to Schwab ETF OneSource
OppenheimerFunds Enhances Private Credit Platform Capabilities
OppenheimerFunds Expands CEO Advisor Institute Team
OppenheimerFunds Expands Nonresident Client Business
OppenheimerFunds Factor Investing: A Year in Review
OppenheimerFunds Grows CEO Advisor Institute
OppenheimerFunds Hires Head of Sustainable Investing
OppenheimerFunds Hires New Chief Risk Officer
OppenheimerFunds International Equity Fund Named to Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource Select List®
OppenheimerFunds Introduces CEO Advisor Institute App for Financial Advisors
OppenheimerFunds Joins Invesco Pending Regulatory Approvals
OppenheimerFunds Launches Academic Partnership Program
OppenheimerFunds Launches Challenge the Index
OppenheimerFunds Launches ESG Revenue-Weighted ETFs
OppenheimerFunds Launches OFI Pictet Global Environmental Solutions Fund
OppenheimerFunds Launches Three Revenue Weighted ETFs
OppenheimerFunds Named Best Place to Work by P&I
OppenheimerFunds Named One of Denver’s Top Workplaces
OppenheimerFunds Named One of the Best Workplaces
OppenheimerFunds Named One of the Best Workplaces for Millennials in the U.S.
OppenheimerFunds Named a Best Place to Work by P&I
OppenheimerFunds Named a Best Workplace in New York
OppenheimerFunds Named a Great Place to Work® for Parents
OppenheimerFunds Named a Top Workplaces in Colorado
OppenheimerFunds Named a top company for Multicultural Women
OppenheimerFunds Names EMEA Head in London, Launches UCITS
OppenheimerFunds Offers Program to Advisors Serving HNW Families
OppenheimerFunds Opens EMEA Headquarters in London
OppenheimerFunds Partners with Oranj
OppenheimerFunds Portfolio Managers Nominated for 2017 Morningstar Award
OppenheimerFunds Receives 19 Lipper Fund Awards
OppenheimerFunds Receives 21 Lipper Fund Awards
OppenheimerFunds Receives Nine Lipper Fund Awards
OppenheimerFunds Renames Top Decile Fixed Income Fund
OppenheimerFunds Strengthens UK Wealth Management Business
OppenheimerFunds Supports Atlanta Community
OppenheimerFunds Supports Boston Community During Distribution Symposium
OppenheimerFunds Supports Dallas Community
OppenheimerFunds Supports San Diego Nonprofits
OppenheimerFunds Year in Review
OppenheimerFunds a Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion
OppenheimerFunds and Carlyle Launch Private Credit Fund
OppenheimerFunds and Greenwich Associates Release Report
OppenheimerFunds and Macquarie Introduce Global Infrastructure Fund
OppenheimerFunds and The Carlyle Group Joint Venture
OppenheimerFunds named as a Best Place to Work for New Dads
OppenheimerFunds on Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index
OppenheimerFunds releases 2018 Mid-year Outlook
OppenheimerFunds to Acquire SNW Asset Management
Opportunities for International Investing
Opportunity in the Chinese Consumer
Our Company Executives
Our Global Debt Team’s Investment Outlook
Our Outlook for the Global Economy
Our View on the U.S. Dollar
Our view on announced changes to pipeline tariffs
Outlook for Emerging Market Equities
Outlook for Midstream MLPs
P&I Names a Best Place to Work
Perpetually Optimistic, Investing for the Long Term
Perspective on Stock Market Volatility
Peter Mintzberg: Chief Strategy Officer
Potentially Favorable Factors for Emerging Market Stocks
Privacy Policy
Private Credit Markets: Delivering Unique Income
Private Equity Believes in Midstream Infrastructure
Pursue Stable Returns While Mitigating Risk
Putting Negative Total Returns into Perspective
Q&A: Facts and the Future of Factor Investing
Q&A: The Evolution of Factor Investing
Quarterly Fund Update: Core Bond Fund
RIA Industry Trends Analysis
RIA M&A Trend Changing Industry Landscape
RIA Survey on Practice-Management Issues
Reasons Why Dollar Weakness Will Continue
Reducing Our European Equity Exposure
Reflections on the Past Decade
Retail's Future Will Be Written in China
Retirement Plan Consultants & Advisors
Ride Hailing in Emerging Markets Is More Than Transport
Rising Value of Beer Market Should Help Premium Brewers
Risks Rising for a Hard Landing in Turkey
Satellite Comms Firms Can Sail Above Brexit
Saving for Retirement With 401(k) Plans
Searching for the Next Big Investment
Sector Classification Changes
Seeking Dividend Income as Rates Rise
Seeking Opportunity in Emerging Markets Innovation
Selecting Fiduciary Investment Support
Senior Loans Market Outlook
Senior Loans as Core Portfolio Holding
Senior Loans, Invest in Household Names
Shape of yield curve a good economic indicator
Sharon French to speak at Forbes Women’s Summit
Short Sale Opportunities in Grocery Stocks
Shortlists Announced for 2016 FT Emerging Voices Awards
Small- and Mid-Cap Emerging Market Stocks
Smart Beta Blends the Best of Active and Passive
Smart Beta Offers Enhanced Index Investing
Social Media Guidelines
Sortino Ratios Measure Risk the Way Investors Do
South Africa’s Economic Reality Sets In
Stay Focused On Federal Reserve Policy
SteelPath Video Goes Inside NuStar Energy
Steeper Yield Curves May Spell Opportunity
Stocks Double in 10 Years
Sustainable Investing Goes Mainstream
Sustainable Investing: A Quiet Revolution
Sustainable Investing’s Impact on Returns
TDF Review Worksheet
Taking Cover Amid a Potential Trade War
Technological Innovation in Emerging Markets
The Bitcoin Investment Opportunity
The Case for International Debt
The Case for Revenue Weighted Portfolios
The Catalysts Powering a Chemical Powerhouse
The Future of Financial Services in India
The Growing Importance of Alternative Strategies
The Investing Decisions of UHNW Millennials
The Potential Impact of a LIBOR Phase-Out
The Principles of Sound Investing
The Research Is in on Revenue Weighting
The Retirement Income Redux
The Right Way to Change Perspectives
The Right Way to Invest: Our Investment Principles
The U.S. Dollar and Emerging Markets
The Value of Revenue Weighting in a Smart Beta ETF
The Whole Family Advisor
Tips for Advisors in Winning Wealthy Clients
Turkey Contagion Creates Buying Opportunity
U.S. Economic Growth Likely To Accelerate
U.S. Housing Sector Likely To Stay Soft
U.S. LNG Is Bolstering the MLP Growth Outlook
U.S. Playing with Fire on China Trade
Uncovering the Guardians of the Environment
Understanding Brexit’s Impact for Investors
Understanding Factors Through Fundamentals
Understanding Millennial Investors
Understanding the U.S. National Debt
Views on Volatility in Emerging Markets Stocks
We Think ESG Is a Bedrock Investment Issue
Wealth Managers: Serving Affluent Investors
Wealthy Millennials Must Conquer Their Fear of Risk
What About Brexit?
What Could Disrupt ETFs? “Mr. ETF” Explains
What Drives Variation in Smart Beta Returns?
What FERC’s Final Rule on Pipeline Tax Policy Means for MLPs
What Is Sustainable Investing?
What Recession?
What The Yield Curve Inversion Means
What Washington’s Trade Policy Means
What is an MLP?
What’s at Stake in India’s Elections
What’s the "Smartest" Smart Beta?
When it Comes to Growth, In China We Trust
Which Online Retailers Are a Smart Buy?
Why Add Multi-Factor ETFs To Portfolios
Why Alternatives Strategies Can Provide Alpha
Why China Is a New Nexus of Innovation
Why Euro Strength Is Good for U.S. Investors in European Stocks
Why We Don’t Believe The Stock Market Is Overvalued
Why We Still Favor Large Caps for Now
Why You Should Consider International Investing
Why a Strong U.S. Dollar Is Preferable
Why is ESG Investing in Demand?
Why now may be the time to invest in emerging markets
Why the Large Cap Stock Rally May Persist
Women and Investing
Women, Advisors, and Investing
“Day Zero” and Sustainable Investing

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Investment Team

Paul Blease, Director of CEO Advisor Institute
Chris Kelly: Global Debt Team PM
Christopher Mashia: Growth Equity Team Sr. Analyst
Meral Karasulu: Global Debt Team Senior Analyst
Abe Berete: Product Manager, Alternative Investments
Adam Weiner: Industrial & Materials PM
Adam Wilde: Cash Strategies Team PM
Agata Strzelichowski, Emerging Markets Equity
Ahmad Deek: Chief Risk Officer
Alen Kreso, CFA, Rochester Municipals
Alessio DeLongis, CFA: Global Multi-Asset Group PM
Alice Fricke, CFA: Senior Client Portfolio Manager
Allison Lewis, CFA, Value Equity Team
Ananya Lodaya
Andy Lin, Emerging Markets Innovators
Angela Uttaro, Rochester Municipals Team
Aniket Shah
Anna Zatulovskaya, Global Multi-Asset Group
Anthony Arnese, High Yield Corporate Debt
Anthony Barbato, High Yield Corporate Debt
Anthony Felton: Global Infrastructure Securities Team PM
Arin Kornchankul, Investment Grade Debt
Arthur P. Steinmetz: Chairman, CEO & President
Ash Shah: Growth Equity Team PM
Ashley Oerth, Investment Strategy Analyst
Avinand Jutagir, Investment Grade Debt
Ben Rockmuller: Global Multi-Asset Group PM
Benjamin Ram: Main Street Equity PM
Bhavtosh Vajpayee, Emerging Markets Equity Team
Brad Frishberg: Head of Global Infrastructure Securities Team
Brian Giesen, Alternative Strategies Team
Brian Hickey, High Yield Corporate Debt
Brian Landy, International Equity Specialist
Brian Levitt, Senior Investment Strategist
Brian Watson, CFA, Dir. of Research & Sr Portfolio Manager
Caleb Wong: Alternative Strategies Team PM
Casey Wolf, SteelPath Team
Chad Osterhout: Rochester Municipals Team
Chad Potter, CFA
Charles Anderson: Senior Client Portfolio Manager
Charles Pulire: Rochester Municipals Team PM
Chintan Patel
Chris Meteyer, Rochester Municipals Team
Chris Weiler, CFA, Rochester Municipals
Christopher Proctor: Cash Strategies Team PM
Clara Sanguinetti, Rochester Municipals
Claudia Castro, Ph.D., Global Debt Team
Cory Garcia: SteelPath Team Senior Research Analyst
Daniel Hozian, CFA, Value Equity Team
Darrin Clough, CFA, Investment Grade Debt
Daryl Armstrong, Alternative Strategies Team
David Lukkes, High Yield Corporate Debt
David Richardson: Oppenheimer SNW Client Portfolio Manager
David Wharmby: Real Estate Team PM
Dianne Ellis: Research Analyst
Donal Bishnoi: Oppenheimer Revenue Weighted Strategy Team PM
Drew Thornton, Investment Strategist
Eddie Bernhardt: Oppenheimer SNW Investment Team Leader, Senior Portfolio Manager
Elizabeth Mossow: Rochester Municipals Team PM
Emanuele Bergagnini: Sr. Client Portfolio Manager
Emanuele Bergagnini: Sr. Client Portfolio Manager
Eren Tufekci, Global Multi-Asset Group
Eric Hewitt: Value Equity Team PM
Franco Ditri, CFA, Client Portfolio Manager
Frank A. Vallario: Oppenheimer Revenue Weighted Strategy Team PM
Frank Jennings: Global Equity Team PM
Gabriel Micheli: Portfolio Manager
Galen True, CFA: Oppenheimer SNW Municipal Trader
George R. Evans, CFA, CIO Equities and Portfolio Manager
Glen K. Yelton: Oppenheimer SNW Municipal Credit Analyst
Gregg Fisher, Multi-Sector Fixed Income
Gregory Brown, Income Strategist
Han Liang, Global Multi-Asset Group
Heidi Heikenfeld: Emerging Markets Equity Team PM
Helena Lee, CFA, Investment Grade Debt
Hemant Baijal: Global Debt Team PM
Hemant Baijal: Global Debt Team PM
Hugh Coffee: Global Equity Team Research Analyst
Hung Hoang, CFA, Research Analyst
Irin Kim: AVP, Product Development, Beta Solutions
Jacqueline Zhang, CFA, Research Analyst
Jagpaul Singh, Senior Client Portfolio Specialist
James Ayer: Global Equity Team PM
James Holman, Global Equity Team
Jared Bunyak, High Yield Corporate Debt
Jason Farrell, Senior Client Portfolio Manager
Jason Martin, CFA, Associate Portfolio Strategist
Jay Merchant, Alternative Strategies Team
Jay Therrien, Director of Business Consulting
Jeffrey Bennett
Jesse Hurwitz, Global Multi-Asset Group
Jessica Lebo, Value and Equity Team
Jill Reiter, CFA, Investment Grade Debt
John C. Delano, CFA, Global Equity Team
John Corcoran: Senior Client Portfolio Manager
Jon Hagen, CFA, Rochester Municipals
Jonathan Hartman, Global Equity Team
Jordan Darrington, Analyst
Jordan Mixsell: Oppenheimer SNW Trader
Joseph Welsh: High Yield Corporate Debt Team PM
Joy Budzinski: Main Street Equity Team PM
Justin Livengood: Growth Equity Team PM
Justin M. Leverenz, CFA, Dir. of Emerging Markets Equities and Portfolio Manager
Ken Frey: Oppenheimer SNW Corporate Credit Analyst
Keye Chow, Value and Income Equity Team
Konstantin Andreev, Ph.D., Global Debt
Krishna Memani, Chief Investment Officer
Kristin Ketner: Main Street Equity Team PM
Kristina Campmany, Vice President, Portfolio Strategist
Laton Spahr: Value Equity Team PM
Lisa Crotty, CFA, Cash Strategies Team
Luciano Diana: Portfolio Manager
Luke Obermeyer, High Yield Corporate Debt Team
Lun Rao, CFA, Emerging Markets Equity Team
Magnus Krantz: Main Street Equity Team PM
Manind Govil: Main Street Equity Team PM
Marcelo Menusso, Global Debt Team
Mark Demitry: Rochester Municipals Team PM
Mark Stockwell: Oppenheimer SNW Municipal Credit Analyst
Mary Dugan Sheridan, CFA, Growth Equity
Mathias Strohfeldt, Main Street Equity
Matt Torpey, CFA, Rochester Municipals
Matthew Ziehl: Main Street Equity Team PM
Megan Johnston Rand, CFA, Investment Grade Debt
Meirambek Idrissov: Global Multi-Asset Team
Menghan Li, Emerging Markets Equity Team
Michael Brian Block, Investment Grade Debt
Michael Camarella: Rochester Municipals Team PM
Michael Quinn: Senior Client Portfolio Manager
Michelle Elena Borré Massick: Alternative Strategies Team PM
Mo Haghbin: Head of Product, Beta Solutions
Myk Pleet, High Yield Corporate Debt Team
Máire Lane, Ph.D., CFA , Global Equity
Nikki Noriega, CFA: Senior Client Portfolio Manager
Noam Alhadeff, Multi-Sector Fixed Income
Oleg Maksimov, Senior Research Analyst
Oliver Wolff, Cash Strategies Team
Paul Larson: Main Street Equity Team PM
Paul Temple, CIMA
Peter Strzalkowski: Investment Grade Debt Team PM
Portfolio Managers
Rachel Lin, CFA, Cash Strategies Team
Raman Vardharaj: Main Street Equity Team PM
Randall Dishmon: Global Equity Team PM
Raymond Anello: Main Street Equity Team PM
Rebecca Setcavage, Portfolio Analyst
René Vecka, CFA, Rochester Municipals Team
Richard Stein, CFA, Oppenheimer Municipal Fund Management Team
Rijn Van Der Walt, Global Equity Team
Rob Chavez: High Yield Corporate Debt Team Analyst
Robert Bertucci, CFA, Rochester Municipals
Robert Coble, SteelPath Team
Robert Dunphy: Global Equity Team PM
Robert Herz, CFA, Value Equity Team
Robert McClure, Senior Client Portfolio Manager
Ronald Zibelli Jr: Growth Equity Team PM
Ruta Ziverte: Multi-Sector Fixed Income PM
Ryan Dolan, Growth Equity Team
Ryan Miller, CFA, Senior Research Analyst
Sanjiv Talwar, M.D., Ph.D., Global Equity
Sarrah McFadden , Municipal Credit Analyst
Scott Cottier: Rochester Municipals Team PM
Sean Wells, SteelPath Team
Sergei Polevikov, Global Multi-Asset Group
Shanquan Li: Global Equity Team PM
Sharon French, Head of Beta Solutions
Shawn Amini: SteelPath Team Senior Research Analyst
Stuart Cartner: SteelPath Team PM
Talley Léger, Investment Strategist
Tan Van Nguyen, Emerging Markets Equity
Taylor Watts: Senior Client Portfolio Manager
Tim Benzel: Senior Portfolio Manager
Timothy Horsburgh, Investment Strategist
Timothy Mulvihill, Alternative Strategies Team
Trish Grady, CFA, Growth Equity Team
Troy Willis: Rochester Municipals Team PM
Turgut Kisinbay, Ph.D., Global Debt Team
Victor Zimmermann, Global Equity Team
Vivek Sridhar, Investment Grade Debt Team
Wim Vandenhoeck, Global Debt Team
Young-Sup Lee: Investment Grade Debt Team
Zachary Sacks, Global Equity Team

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Global Multi-Asset Income Fund A - QMAAX
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Government Cash Reserves A - CRSXX
Government Money Fund/VA
Government Money Market Fund A - OMBXX
Government Money Market Fund Y - OMYXX
Intermediate Income Fund A - OFIAX
Intermediate Income Fund I - OFIIX
Intermediate Income Fund Y - OFIYX
Intermediate Term Municipal Fund A - ORRWX
Intermediate Term Municipal Fund Y - ORRYX
International Bond Fund A - OIBAX
International Bond Fund I - OIBIX
International Bond Fund Y - OIBYX
International Diversified Fund A - OIDAX
International Diversified Fund I - OIDIX
International Diversified Fund Y - OIDYX
International Equity Fund A - QIVAX
International Equity Fund I - QIVIX
International Equity Fund Y - QIVYX
International Growth Fund A - OIGAX
International Growth Fund I - OIGIX
International Growth Fund Y - OIGYX
International Growth Fund/VA
International Revenue ETF
International Small-Mid Company Fund A - OSMAX
International Small-Mid Company Fund I - OSCIX
International Small-Mid Company Fund Y - OSMYX
International Ultra Dividend Revenue ETF
Limited-Term Bond Fund A - OUSGX
Limited-Term Bond Fund I - OUSIX
Limited-Term Bond Fund Y - OUSYX
Limited-Term Government Fund A - OPGVX
Limited-Term Government Fund I - OLTIX
Limited-Term Government Fund Y - OLTYX
Macquarie Global Infrastructure Fund A - OQGAX
Macquarie Global Infrastructure Fund I - OQGIX
Macquarie Global Infrastructure Fund Y - OQGYX
Main Street All Cap Fund® A - OMSOX
Main Street All Cap Fund® Y - OMSYX
Main Street Fund® A - MSIGX
Main Street Fund® I - OMSIX
Main Street Fund® Y - MIGYX
Main Street Fund®/VA
Main Street Mid Cap Fund® A - OPMSX
Main Street Mid Cap Fund® I - OPMIX
Main Street Mid Cap Fund® Y - OPMYX
Main Street Small Cap Fund® A - OSCAX
Main Street Small Cap Fund® I - OSSIX
Main Street Small Cap Fund® Y - OSCYX
Main Street Small Cap Fund®/VA
Mid Cap Value Fund A - QVSCX
Mid Cap Value Fund I - QSCIX
Mid Cap Value Fund Y - QSCYX
OFI Pictet Global Environmental Solutions Fund I - OPEIX
OFI Pictet Global Environmental Solutions Fund Y - OPEYX
Oppenheimer Municipal Fund A - OPAMX
Oppenheimer Municipal Fund Y - OPYMX
Portfolio Series: Active Allocation Fund A - OAAAX
Portfolio Series: Active Allocation Fund Y - OAAYX
Portfolio Series: Conservative Investor Fund A - OACIX
Portfolio Series: Conservative Investor Fund Y - OYCIX
Portfolio Series: Growth Investor Fund A - OAAIX
Portfolio Series: Growth Investor Fund Y - OYAIX
Portfolio Series: Moderate Investor Fund A - OAMIX
Portfolio Series: Moderate Investor Fund Y - OYMIX
Preferred Securities and Income Fund A - OPRAX
Preferred Securities and Income Fund I - OPRIX
Preferred Securities and Income Fund Y - OPRYX
Real Estate Fund A - OREAX
Real Estate Fund I - OREIX
Real Estate Fund Y - OREYX
Rising Dividends Fund A - OARDX
Rising Dividends Fund I - OIRDX
Rising Dividends Fund Y - OYRDX
Rochester® AMT-Free Municipal Fund A - OPTAX
Rochester® AMT-Free Municipal Fund Y - OMFYX
Rochester® AMT-Free New York Municipal Fund A - OPNYX
Rochester® AMT-Free New York Municipal Fund Y - ONYYX
Rochester® California Municipal Fund A - OPCAX
Rochester® California Municipal Fund Y - OCAYX
Rochester® Fund Municipals A - RMUNX
Rochester® Fund Municipals Y - RMUYX
Rochester® High Yield Municipal Fund A - ORNAX
Rochester® High Yield Municipal Fund Y - ORNYX
Rochester® Limited Term California Municipal Fund A - OLCAX
Rochester® Limited Term California Municipal Fund Y - OLCYX
Rochester® Limited Term New York Municipal Fund A - LTNYX
Rochester® Limited Term New York Municipal Fund Y - LTBYX
Rochester® New Jersey Municipal Fund A - ONJAX
Rochester® New Jersey Municipal Fund Y - ONJYX
Rochester® Pennsylvania Municipal Fund A - OPATX
Rochester® Pennsylvania Municipal Fund Y - OPAYX
Rochester® Short Duration High Yield Municipal Fund A - OPITX
Rochester® Short Duration High Yield Municipal Fund Y - OPIYX
Russell 1000 Dynamic Multifactor ETF
Russell 1000 Low Volatility Factor ETF
Russell 1000 Momentum Factor ETF
Russell 1000 Quality Factor ETF
Russell 1000 Size Factor ETF
Russell 1000 Value Factor ETF
Russell 1000 Yield Factor ETF
Russell 2000 Dynamic Multifactor ETF
S&P 500 Revenue ETF
S&P Financials Revenue ETF
S&P MidCap 400 Revenue ETF
S&P SmallCap 600 Revenue ETF
S&P Ultra Dividend Revenue ETF
Senior Floating Rate Fund A - OOSAX
Senior Floating Rate Fund I - OOSIX
Senior Floating Rate Fund Y - OOSYX
Senior Floating Rate Plus Fund A - OSFAX
Senior Floating Rate Plus Fund I - OSFIX
Senior Floating Rate Plus Fund Y - OSFYX
Short Term Municipal Fund A - ORSTX
Short Term Municipal Fund Y - ORSYX
Small Cap Value Fund A - OVSAX
Small Cap Value Fund I - OVSIX
Small Cap Value Fund Y - OVSYX
SteelPath MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund A - OMLPX
SteelPath MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund I - OMLIX
SteelPath MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund Y - OMLYX
SteelPath MLP Alpha Fund A - MLPAX
SteelPath MLP Alpha Fund I - OSPAX
SteelPath MLP Alpha Fund Y - MLPOX
SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus Fund A - MLPLX
SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus Fund I - OSPPX
SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus Fund Y - MLPNX
SteelPath MLP Income Fund A - MLPDX
SteelPath MLP Income Fund I - OSPMX
SteelPath MLP Income Fund Y - MLPZX
SteelPath MLP Select 40 Fund A - MLPFX
SteelPath MLP Select 40 Fund I - OSPSX
SteelPath MLP Select 40 Fund Y - MLPTX
SteelPath Panoramic Fund A - EESAX
SteelPath Panoramic Fund I - EESIX
SteelPath Panoramic Fund Y - EESYX
Total Return Bond Fund A - OPIGX
Total Return Bond Fund I - OPBIX
Total Return Bond Fund Y - OPBYX
Total Return Bond Fund/VA
Ultra-Short Duration Fund I - OSDIX
Ultra-Short Duration Fund Y - OSDYX
Value Fund A - CGRWX
Value Fund I - OGRIX
Value Fund Y - CGRYX

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