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Daniel Hozian, CFA

Senior Research Analyst

  • B.B.A. from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Daniel Hozian, CFA, serves as a senior research analyst on the Value team. Prior to joining the Firm in 2013, Mr. Hozian was an associate equity analyst for the Value & Income team at Columbia Management Investment Advisors, focusing on global metals and mining, REITs and specialty finance and also served as a senior equity business analyst. He previously worked at Ameriprise Financial, Bernstein Global Wealth Management and Morgan Stanley.

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  • B.B.A. from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • 12 YRS


  • 5 YRS



Markets & Economy

The Amazon Effect: Do Competitors Stand a Chance?

Senior Investment Strategist

Income Strategist

What Amazon’s rise means for the future of retail, and how the competition is responding.

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