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Global Debt
South Africa: After Zuma, A Light at The End of The Tunnel

We are more constructive on South Africa in the wake of its change in leadership.

Bw south africa after zuma a light at the end of the tunnel 620x349
Meral Karasulu
Wim Vandenhoeck
| February 22, 2018
Domestic Debt
Balancing Income and Volatility in Fixed Income

Combining investment-grade bonds and senior loans may improve investor outcomes.

Bw balancing income and volatility in fixed income 620x349
Domestic Debt
Solving for the Passive "Aggregate" Problem

Active fixed-income strategies may sometimes be preferable to their passive counterparts.

Domestic Debt
The Credit Cycle Is Approaching Maturity

Current potential return indicates that we’ve reached a more advanced stage in the cycle.

Bw the credit cycle is approaching maturity 620x349
Peter Strzalkowski
Michael Brian Block
| February 20, 2018
Global Debt
The Latest on Oppenheimer International Bond Fund

Recent performance and portfolio positioning for Oppenheimer International Bond Fund.

Bw the latest on oppenheimer international bond fund 620x349
Hemant Baijal
Chris Kelly
| February 14, 2018
Global Debt
Managing for Asymmetrical Risk in Emerging Market Local Debt

Locally denominated debt in emerging markets calls for a different risk-management view.

Bw managing for asymmetrical risk in emerging market local debt 620x349
Wim Vandenhoeck
| January 26, 2018
Global Debt
With Bonds, Going International May Offer Benefits

Adding international bonds to your U.S. bond portfolio may help increase outcomes.

Bw with bonds going international may offer benefits 620x349
January 25, 2018
Domestic Debt
Beyond Income, Investment-Grade Debt Offers Ballast

Our investment-grade portfolios seek to hold their value under stressed market conditions.

Bw ig infographic 620x349
Domestic Debt
Rising Interest Rates? Look to Senior Loans

Floating rate coupons help make senior loans an attractive investment when interest rates rise.

Bw rising interests rates 620x349
January 23, 2018
Domestic Debt
Senior Loans Can Be A Strong Core Holding

Senior loans’ income, return and volatility traits make them attractive as a core holding.

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