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Emerging Markets Equity
On the Ground in China: Observations from the Middle Kingdom

As China matures, its evolving regime is focusing on sustainable growth over rapid growth.

Bw on the ground in china observations from the middle kingdom 620x349
Justin Leverenz
| January 19, 2018
Global Equity
Why We See a Brighter Future for Cancer Patient Outcomes

A revolution in medical diagnostics is creating opportunity for investors – and new hope for patients.

Bw why we see a brighter future for cancer patient outcomes 620x349
Frank Jennings
| January 16, 2018
Emerging Markets Equity
Heidi Heikenfeld on How to Build a Fast-Growing Equity Fund

The Portfolio Manager explains how she built one of the fastest-growing equity funds in its category.

Bw heidi heikenfeld on how to build a fast growing equity fund 620x349.bw
Heidi Heikenfeld
| December 20, 2017
Domestic Equity
How to Identify Value Stocks: Repeat After Me, UAROIC

This important indicator tends to identify stocks poised to outperform the market.

Bw how to find value stocks repeat after me uaroic 620x349
Laton Spahr
Eric Hewitt
| December 18, 2017
Invest in Leisure: Because You Can't Take It with You

Why the cruise industry could benefit from a rising tide of aging adults.

Bw invest in leisure because you cant take it with you 620x349
George R. Evans
Alice Fricke
| November 30, 2017
International Equity
A Potential Path to Long-Term Growth and Current Income

International growth and income strategies may provide long-term growth and steady income

November 22, 2017
Emerging Markets Equity
Big Opportunities in Emerging Market Small and Mid-Caps

Innovation is helping smaller emerging market companies compete on the global stage.

Bw big opportunities in emerging market small and midcaps 620x349
November 22, 2017
Global Equity
A Historically Proven Approach to Generating Alpha

Oppenheimer Global Opportunities has a 20-year track record of strong returns.

Bw a historically proven approach to generating alpha 620x349
November 17, 2017
International Equity
Discover a World of Opportunity Beyond U.S. Stocks

Equity portfolios heavily weighted to U.S. stocks miss out on global growth opportunities.

Bw discover a world of opportunity beyond us stocks 620x349
November 17, 2017
International Equity
Why Active Management Is Key to International Investing

Foreign large growth funds have historically outperformed the index with less risk.

Bw why active management is key to international investing 620x349
November 17, 2017
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