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How to Invest with a Purpose


Investors are increasingly focused on pursuing returns via investments that have a positive impact on society. OppenheimerFunds seeks to help your clients achieve this goal through sustainable investing, which includes impact and ESG investing.

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ESG Investing: What Investors Should Know

ESG investing is growing amid increased recognition of its potential to improve performance.

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ESG in Focus Series: Understanding the Opportunity

We explain the key drivers behind the rise in ESG investing and why the trend may be here to stay.

Global ESG Revenue ETF

The strategy is a Revenue Weighted Global ESG ETF.

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ESG ETFs: Doing Good and Doing Well

Strategies that help investors have a positive impact on the world while pursuing strong returns.

U.S. Large Cap ESG Revenue ETF

An ESG revenue weighted strategy that employs Sustainalytics’ ESG scores as well as a revenue-weighted methodology to invest in stocks in the S&P 500® Index.

Impact Investing: It’s About More Than Just Money

A life-altering volunteer experience opened my eyes to new dimensions of giving back.

How Do Wealthy Millennials Actually Invest?

What advisors should know about the investing behaviors of affluent young adults.

Does Sustainable Investing Mean Sacrificing Returns?

Learn how Big Data may help wealthy families successfully invest in the causes they care about.

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