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Perspectives on Multi-Asset Investing


Explore our Global Multi-Asset Group (GMAG)’s approach to global markets and review their latest asset allocation decisions. Our team combines multiple independent perspectives to navigate global markets through the business cycle.

Global Multi-Asset Group: 2017 Outlook

We think the environment will favor equities, credit and the dollar in early 2017.

What Happened to the U.S. Dollar?

With prospects for fiscal expansion dimming, we've reduced our overweight dollar position.

Investing Through the Credit Cycle

Our macro framework may help improve investment performance throughout the credit cycle.

Portfolio Positioning Ahead of the European Elections

A busy election calendar in Europe may have consequences for asset allocation.

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Global Allocation Fund: A Dynamic Risk-Aware Portfolio

How our Fund seeks to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns across market cycles.

Global Allocation

The strategy seeks to achieve attractive total returns without taking undue risk by dynamically allocating across a variety of asset classes with a short-to-medium term horizon.

Strategy Inception


GMAG Monthly: Increasing Emerging Markets Exposure

We are adding risk to our portfolio amid signs of a reacceleration in global growth.

GMAG Monthly: Reducing U.S. Equity in Favor of EM

Potential vulnerability, particularly in the U.S., prompted new portfolio positioning.

GMAG Monthly: Evaluating Risk in the Credit Cycle

Growing risks to the aging credit cycle may threaten its longevity.

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Finding Where Opportunities Intersect

Asset allocation team brings together experts from diverse fields to find opportunities.

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How We Explain the Business Cycle Differently

Our definitions of the business cycle are more nuanced than the traditional understanding.

Designing and Managing Objective-Driven Portfolios

We build multi-asset portfolios designed to address key investment objectives.

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