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What Wealthy Millennials Want From their Advisor

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I need my advisor to understand my issues, where I'm coming from and to genuinely educate me.

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UHNW Millennials on What’s Important in an Advisory Service

Millennials see room for improvement from their advisors in many areas of service1.

  Satisfaction Importance
Wealth Transfer 74% 89%
Aggregated Reporting 58% 88%
Deal-flow Generation & Due Diligence 75% 86%
Family Governance & Education 50% 50%
Concierge & Estate Management 75% 66%
Competitive Pricing 20% 72%
Online/Mobile Access & Services 14% 57%
Philanthropic Opportunities 20% 24%
1. Due to rounding, totals may not add up to 100%.

Our primary advisor is much older than me. There are some cultural and generational differences, but as long as you're aware of them, I don't think it precludes having an advisor from a different generation.

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How UHNW Millennials Are Finding Financial Advisors 1

How are they finding advisors?
Personal Recommendations
(family, friends and colleagues)
44% Professional Recommendations
31% Perform their own due diligence
25% Direct solicitation and/or social interactions
25% Not applicable
6% Social and traditional media advertisements
Who do they consider their closest advisor?
25% Family Office Executive
25% Other
13% Independent Consultant
13% Attorney
13% Private Banker
6% Family Business Executive
1. Multiple answers permitted.

How UHNW Millennials Want to Communicate With Advisors

Advisors would be well-served to communicate weekly with Millennials via digital channels.

Advisor Attrition Surprisingly High for UHNW Families

Many Millennials are fairly new to their advisor relationships, a circumstance that also applies to a surprising number of wealthy families1.

1. Due to rounding, totals may not add up to 100%.

Advisors, learn more about what UHNW Millennials want from you.

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