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How UHNW Millennials approach investing decisions

In my general portfolio, I'm happy to take less of a role, but when it comes to impact investing, I like to take part personally.

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The Role of UHNW Millennials in the Family Office

Less than 1/5 of UHNW Millennials are making strategic decisions for their family’s wealth management1.

Committee or Board Member




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When UHNW Millennials take over decision-making roles for their families, impact investing – which looks to benefit society while generating returns – will be their vehicle of choice.

— Ned Dane, Head of Private Client Group

I have kids and it’s important to identify values as a family and keep those values going from generation to generation.

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How Family Shapes Millennials' Investment Choices

UHNW Millennials view themselves as stewards of their family's legacy and wealth.

Very Important Moderately Important Unimportant
Stewardship of Family Legacy
Family Wealth Growth
Family Wealth Preservation
Social Value Creation
Leverage for Family Impact (ESG)
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  2. Finance icon Family Wealth Growth
  3. Briefcase icon Family Wealth Preservation
  4. Friends icon Social Value Creation
  5. Globe icon Leverage for Family Impact (ESG)
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Millennials’ adult lives have been shaped by two hundred-year storms – the Internet Bubble and the Financial Crisis. As a result, they’re broadly more conservative than their parents and are focused on wealth preservation.

— Ned Dane, Head of Private Client Group

Who UHNW Millennials Listen to Most on Investment Decisions

Millennials believe financial advisors are essential for guiding their family's views and investment decisions.

  1. Impact Investing
  2. Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)
  3. Environmental, Social and Governance
  4. Philanthropy
  5. Articulating and Defining Goals
  6. Conflict Resolution Mechanisms
1. Multiple answers permitted.

My advisor gave me the framework to understand how to think about investing.

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