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One Millennial's View on Impact Investing

  • From California
  • Late 20s
  • 5th generation

My family office now invests 100% in impact and socially responsible investments. We make sure our fund managers and direct investments are put through rigorous selection criteria and monitoring.

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UHNW Millennial Time Commitments

UHNW Millennials lead active lives primarily focused on their own careers, with little time spent on leisurely pursuits.


(Business Owners)


(Company or firm employee)


(Focused on Basic Human Rights)


(Family Philanthropic Foundation)

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The young adults we surveyed, including Ginny, have an overwhelming desire to live purpose-driven lives. Basic human rights are a key focus for them, and they’re passionate about education, living conditions for the less fortunate, gender equality and the environment.

— Ned Dane, Head of Private Client Group

After learning about investments and being given a greater role in the family office, we've been able to align our capital with things I'm interested in.

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Impact Investing: The Things That Matter Most to Millennials

Examining the characteristics that matter most to UHNW Millennials when it comes to impact investing.

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UHNW Millennials have a strong altruistic streak, but they’re also practical and they’re not simply interested in impact investing to feel good about themselves. They’re looking for sustainable, long-term returns.

— Ned Dane, Head of Private Client Group

No one in our family office has negative or ambivalent opinions about impact investing.

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UHNW Millennials Rate Information Sources

Millennials value research and relationships over social media when sourcing impact investing information.

Very Important
Moderately Important
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When it comes to seeking financial advice and information on promising impact investments, wealthy Millennials want to work with an advisor, not search the internet or social media for ideas.

— Ned Dane, Head of Private Client Group

Millennials' Current Allocation vs Their Ideal Allocation

There is a disconnect between their ideal allocation and what the family portfolio now looks like.

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When Millennials are eventually put in charge of the family portfolio, many of them plan to increase their allocations towards impact investing, which looks to provide societal or environmental benefits in addition to sustainable investment returns.

— Ned Dane, Head of Private Client Group

Even by following a strict impact investing philosophy you can and should get the diversity you need.

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