Why are so many ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) Millennials interested in impact investing, which looks to provide social or environmental benefits along with sustainable returns? And in a world with no shortage of causes in need of help, where are most UHNW Millennials looking to direct their funds?

In this video clip, Ned Dane, Head of OppenheimerFunds’ Private Client Group, explains why the wealthiest members of Generation Y view their wealth as a tool for sustaining their families across multiple generations, as well as a means to improving living conditions for the less fortunate.

Additionally, Campden Wealth CEO Dominic Samuelson explains why experiencing the global financial crisis at an impressionable age had a profound impact on the way Millennials view wealth.

For the purposes of our research, we’ve defined UHNW Millennials as coming from families with a net worth of at least $35 million.

In the next video in our series, learn how Millennials are approaching investing and their long-term goals.

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