OppenheimerFunds’ new advertising campaign, Invest in a Beautiful World, brings to life the firm’s investment philosophy, The Right Way to Invest: make global connections, look to the long term, take intelligent risks and invest with proven teams.

NEWYORK, Sept. 1, 2015 – OppenheimerFunds, a leading global asset manager, today announced the launch of its new brand campaign: Invest in a Beautiful World. OppenheimerFunds is one of the most trusted brands in asset management, according to the Cogent Report of Most Trusted Brands.* To build on that trust, the firm will differentiate itself by bringing to life its investment philosophy and the comprehensive offerings for Retail, High Net-Worth and Institutional investors.

Chief Marketing Officer, Marty Willis, and Head of Brand Marketing, Stephen Tisdalle, led the development of the evocative, fully integrated campaign with MRM // McCann, the firm’s creative agency of record and long-time media agency, Havas Media.

“Today, the world of investing is too often viewed through a short-term lens using fear, fantasy lifestyle or pure product performance attributes to connect with investors,” said Willis. “We have taken an entirely different approach and anchored our message on optimism. Once you look to the long term and expand your view, as we do at OppenheimerFunds, the world reveals itself to new opportunities that others may have missed. This is how we have generated value for our clients for nearly 60 years.”

Tisdalle added, “Invest In A Beautiful World uses evocative imagery and scenes from across the globe that convey finding new possibilities in places still being explored, seeing beauty in things others might overlook, and identifying a future still being contemplated. It is a communications platform that creates an emotional connection to rational investment principles, facilitated internally by a brand ambassador program and externally by a new end-to-end customer experience that spans across the key touch-points from TV, print, out-of-home, digital and the face-to-face channel.”

OppenheimerFunds was one of the first asset managers in the United States to recognize the value of investing around the world. It is one of the largest investors in global equities and senior loans, and an early adopter of strategic income strategies as well as master limited partnerships in the energy space. The firm offers a vast portfolio of products and strategies that serve the financial goals for Retail Financial Advisors, High Net-Worth Wealth Management Advisors and Institutional investors.


OppenheimerFunds’ The Right Way to Invest – its core investment philosophy – comprises four main principles that have guided the firm for five decades and now serve as the foundation for the new advertising campaign:

Make global connections – OppenheimerFunds pioneered global investing more than five decades ago. The firm understands the important interrelationship of financial markets worldwide and has a proven history of finding rewarding investment opportunities around the world for clients.

Look to the long-term – OppenheimerFunds’ research and intellectual capital focus on long-term prospects, not quarter-to-quarter performance. The firm comprises teams of active managers who are disciplined, committed investors, not traders. The entire staff understands that creating value takes time.

Take intelligent risks – The firm recognizes that investment rewards are rarely achieved without using risk intelligently. OppenheimerFunds applies its deep understanding of risk dynamics to manage portfolios in line with clients’ expectations.

Invest with proven teams – OppenheimerFunds’ market-cycle-tested portfolio managers are among the industry’s most experienced, respected and successful active managers. They form the nucleus of our independent but collaborative investment teams that encourage original thinking and produce market-leading investment insights.

* Cogent Reports: The Mutual Fund Brands Advisors Trust Most, July 20, 2015