NEWYORK, Nov. 18, 2015 - OppenheimerFunds, a leading global asset manager, today announced the introduction of the Oppenheimer SteelPath Panoramic Fund, which focuses on opportunities created by the rapid changes in the North American energy landscape.

“We are investing in companies that are best positioned to gain long-term advantage from these shifts and deliver relative performance across different commodity price scenarios,” said Brian Watson, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager and Director of Research at Oppenheimer SteelPath. “Our long-term investment view allows us to benefit from expected dislocations in the evolving global energy market.”

Oppenheimer SteelPath’s investment process and understanding of the energy landscape, honed over more than a decade of managing investments in the midstream energy sector, are employed in the Panoramic Fund to provide investors with a more balanced portfolio of investments across the energy renaissance beneficiaries.

“The North American energy landscape has transformed, creating a generational shift in relative competitive advantage as well as new opportunities across the entire energy value chain,” said Krishna Memani, Chief Investment Officer at OppenheimerFunds. “Brian and his team are using their extensive knowledge of the energy sector to identify durable investment opportunities for our clients.”

The Fund seeks to identify value by eschewing mega-cap exposure – such as international oil companies – and instead focusing on small- and mid-cap companies with visible drivers and long-term advantages that will allow them to benefit the most from the U.S. energy revolution. Though Watson and the team believe the portfolio is likely to demonstrate greater volatility than Oppenheimer SteelPath’s current midstream-focused portfolios, they expect to find opportunities for greater returns.

Oppenheimer SteelPath has been a leader in energy investments since 2004, and Watson has two decades of energy-focused investment experience. The group employs seven analysts dedicated to understanding the energy value chain and broader energy sector.