Students who take field trips to the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) in New York City often feel inspired by the power of numbers. But they’re rarely taught by CEOs.

First and second graders from Brooklyn’s Kensington School (PS 179) got a lesson from Art Steinmetz, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of OppenheimerFunds. Steinmetz played with Post-Its, ate square crackers and otherwise clowned around to demonstrate right angles, the relative areas of squares and triangles and other mathematical concepts.

The event was part of Infinite Potential, an initiative sponsored by OppenheimerFunds and MoMath in New York City to promote mathematical literacy and help make math more fun and less intimidating for young people. The 324 students saw 36 interactive exhibits with the help of 55 OppenheimerFunds volunteers and ate 74 pizzas. At eight slices per pizza, how many slices did everyone eat? (Don’t use your calculator!) Answer: 592.

Watch the full video above to see highlights of Art’s lesson. For more information on The Museum of Mathematics visit