NEWYORK, Aug. 27, 2015 – OppenheimerFunds, a leader in global asset management, today launched the Oppenheimer Global Multi-Asset Growth Fund, underscoring the continuing expansion of the firm’s multi-asset, client-focused approach.

The new fund invests across asset classes to efficiently provide risk-adjusted growth while mitigating downside risk and volatility. It is co-managed by Mark Hamilton, Chief Investment Officer, Asset Allocation; and Portfolio Managers Dokyoung Lee, CFA; Alessio de Longis, CFA; and Benjamin Rockmuller, CFA.

“OppenheimerFunds has developed a distinctive way of thinking about multi-asset portfolios to best serve client needs and objectives. We are providing clarity by creating four multi-asset portfolios to address the typical investment objectives voiced by investors and their advisors: growth, income, diversification and inflation protection. These solutions are designed to address the needs of clients across all market environments,” said Krishna Memani, Chief Investment Officer, OppenheimerFunds. “Mark Hamilton has built a team that is custom made for this objective-driven approach in the multi-asset space.”

Hamilton joined OppenheimerFunds in 2013 to build out the firm’s multi-asset capabilities. He leads a seasoned 20-person investment team with deep experience across traditional and alternative assets, including equities, fixed income, credit, currencies and commodities. The team’s investment expertise spans a variety of disciplines, including quantitative, fundamental and macroeconomic analysis.

“We seek to provide investors and advisors with solutions to meet their key investment objectives. To do this, we combine multiple perspectives — macro, valuation, and risk — to develop a robust view of opportunities and risks across asset classes,” Hamilton said. “Our team has a great chemistry — dynamic, creative, and collaborative — that generates ideas informed by the vigorous exchange of different perspectives. That is how we develop distinctive approaches to the needs of investors and advisors.”