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Global Equity Fund Takes a Patient Approach
Globalization has made the world we live in very small, and very connected. Market trends are global, companies are innovating faster than ever, and money managers are paying very close attention.

Join us each week as author and hedge-fund specialist Maneet Ahuja explores the megatrends that are vastly changing how the world does business. We’ll hear from OppenheimerFunds portfolio managers, and other investors and inventors, about how these trends are creating new strategic opportunities for investors.

Episode 6 - Robots: Taking Jobs? Or Creating Them?

Robots are showing up everywhere. Most of the time, we don’t even realize it. So, what does that mean for humans? To find out, we speak with leading investors, designers and manufacturers to understand the newest developments in robotic research: John Delano, portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer Global Fund at OppenheimerFunds, Jodi Forlizzi, Director of the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon, and Claude Dinsmoor, General Manager of Product Development at FANUC AMERICA.

Episode 5 - Modern Medicine: Small Companies with Big Ideas

When we talk about new technology, we often forget about the major breakthroughs happening in healthcare. A sector once dominated by big pharma is now buzzing about smaller, specialized companies that use technology to deliver personalized treatment. But what does this mean for investors? We speak with healthcare experts and biomedical pioneers to find out more: Máire Lane, Senior Research Analyst at OppenheimerFunds; Magnus Nillson, CEO of XVIVO Perfusion; Søren Tulstrup, President and CEO of Hansa Medical; and Dr. Tiffany Vora, Research Scientist and entrepreneur.

Episode 4 - A Tale of Two Japans

Japan boasts one of the most advanced economies in the world, and yet, most people still prefer to invest in other markets. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to change that. He recently passed new reforms to restructure corporations and attract new investors. So, is it time to be optimistic? We speak with two leading investors to learn more about the past, present, and future of Japan’s markets and economy: Jim Ayer, portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer International Equity Fund at OppenheimerFunds, and Sean Darby, Global Equity Strategist at Jefferies Financial Group.

Episode 3 - Silver Tourism: An Aging Population Bitten by the Travel Bug

The average lifespan has steadily increased for years, and it's only going higher with every breakthrough in modern medicine. By 2030, the number of adults over the age of 60 will outnumber children under 10. So, what are the elderly doing with their extra time? Travel.

We speak with leading investors and experts to understand the new opportunities created by silver tourism: Brian Levitt, Senior Investment Strategist at OppenheimerFunds, Robert Dunphy, co-portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer International Growth Fund at OppenheimerFunds, and Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt, tourism scientist and researcher.

Episode 2 - Electronified Cars: This Isn't Your Parent's Prius

The electronification of cars is more than replacing combustion engines with battery power. It’s about building an engaging in-car experience that radically changes the way people approach transportation. We catch up with leading investors and veterans of the auto industry to find out how we get there: George Evans, CIO of Equities at OppenheimerFunds, Brian McKay, Director of the Powertrain Division at Continental Automotive, and Paul Eichenberg, a Strategy Consultant with 25 years of automotive experience.

Episode 1 - China: The World’s New Technology Powerhouse

China has been quick to latch onto the latest trends in FinTech, e-commerce and other technology categories. It’s helped many companies leapfrog traditional blueprints for growth and quickly scale their business. So, what’s contributing to this success? We speak with two experts to learn more about these new realities and potential investment opportunities: Justin Leverenz, Director of Emerging Market Equities and portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund at OppenheimerFunds, and Rui Ma, host of Tech Buzz China.