Look to the Long Term

OppenheimerFunds understands creating value takes time. We believe the best and most consistent results for investors can be delivered by focusing on the long term.

In our view, uncovering the greatest long-term opportunities requires an active approach to investing and a willingness to search for opportunity where others may not even look.

  • As long-term investors, we don’t rapidly buy and sell stocks. Our equity portfolios’ turnover ratios have consistently ranked among the industry’s lowest.
  • Our long-term focus and willingness to break from the consensus has historically enabled us to see future opportunities for investors before they became widely recognized.
  • We were one of the first managers in the industry to offer portfolios of high yield municipal bonds, energy infrastructure investments and senior corporate loans.
  • We were also pioneers of global fixed-income investing with the launch of our Global Strategic Income portfolio in 1989.