A rising global population means that more people are competing for the world’s finite resources. This poses a significant threat to the well-being of the environment. As public pressure mounts to reverse ecological damage and pollution, governments are boosting investment in potential solutions and corporations are increasingly embracing sustainable practices.

As a result, the number of publicly listed firms specializing in the development of environmental products and services has surged in recent years, while the number of patents filed for environmental products over the past decade has more than tripled. This has created an opportunity for investors who are interested in aligning their goals and values with investment returns.

Ned Dane, who heads up our Private Client Group, recently spoke with Marc-Olivier Buffle, Client Portfolio Manager for OFI Pictet Global Environmental Solutions Fund, about the increased investor interest in sustainable investment strategies, opportunities in this space, and why Pictet chose to partner with OppenheimerFunds.

The Fund invests globally in companies that derive a significant portion of their enterprise value from environmental products and services, and that offer attractive secular growth potential. Read our white paper, Investing for Growth Through Environmental Innovation, to learn more about the investment approach of OFI Pictet Global Environmental Solutions Fund.