Achieving a financially secure retirement is a top goal for individual investors. But most people aren’t fully aware of what they need to do to make it happen, or how long it will take to get there. Due to longevity gains and increasing healthcare costs, retirement has never been more expensive. The issues facing investors are complex and getting an early start is critical – but helping your clients understand and act on these issues can be challenging.

We believe that education, presented in a simple, approachable way, can reduce anxiety about retirement planning and set the stage for productive discussions. Enter Talk, Plan, Act, a chart book about retirement designed to help you introduce many important concepts to your clients. In this book we tackle Social Security considerations, potential healthcare and housing costs, different ways to save, and specific challenges facing women.

By equipping your clients with this important knowledge, they’ll feel more confident about planning, which can help them pursue the goal of a financially secure retirement.

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