Oppenheimer Macquarie Global Infrastructure Fund Lead Portfolio Manager Brad Frishberg, CFA, discusses the many potential benefits of investing in global listed infrastructure (GLI).

GLI is a unique and growing asset class made up of publicly traded companies that own, operate or manage a collection of networks and physical assets that are essential to people’s daily lives. These assets, which include bridges, tunnels, toll roads, airports, and electric and water utilities, among others, help enable global trade and economic growth in both developed and emerging markets. The potential benefits of investing in GLI include stable income, the potential for downside mitigation, an opportunity for inflation protection, and attractive portfolio diversification.

Infrastructure investing traditionally was limited to sophisticated institutional investors who could invest directly in these assets. However, the mutual fund structure of Oppenheimer Macquarie Global Infrastructure Fund allows for daily liquidity, which enables the Fund’s managers to tactically reallocate to the most attractive opportunities as they may arise, Brad explains.

Brad notes that global demand for infrastructure investment capital is enormous and ongoing. The asset class further requires a deep industry specialization and Macquarie has more than four decades of experience in infrastructure finance and management globally.  As Brad highlights, Oppenheimer Macquarie Global Infrastructure Fund offers investors an opportunity to tap into that expertise to invest in this long-term trend.

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