Finding Opportunity in Emerging Markets Innovation

Emerging markets have undergone a remarkable transformation over the past 10 years, moving from an emphasis on highly cyclical sectors such as commodities, banking, and basic manufacturing to higher profit, higher growth sectors such as healthcare, consumer discretionary and information technology.

“One of the forces behind this evolution is a new generation of talented emerging markets entrepreneurs who are leveraging an increasingly better educated workforce to drive innovation and unleash the potential still to be found in emerging markets,” says Heidi Heikenfeld, CFA, portfolio manager of Emerging Markets Innovators strategy.

In the accompanying videos, Heikenfeld discusses the evolution of emerging markets, why investor thinking about emerging markets must also evolve, and her focus on finding and investing in innovation. Heidi says her experience has taught her to try to imagine the world as being much different than it is today. That perspective is what underlies her approach to, and focus on, identifying potentially great emerging market companies that may have structural competitive advantages.

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