In 2015, OppenheimerFunds and the Financial Times launched the Emerging Voices Awards to provide a global showcase for the most gifted artists of the developing world.

The bold talents of last year’s three inaugural winners—Chigozie Obioma (Fiction), Yuhang Ho (Film), and Cristina Planas (Visual Arts)—are a source of inspiration for us all. Since winning the 2015 awards in their respective categories, all three continue to explore and extend the boundaries of their artistry and creativity with their latest projects:

Chigozie Obioma (2015 Winner, Fiction)—Nigeria’s Chigozie Obioma has seen his first novel, The Fishermen, published in 29 countries, translated into 25 languages and named a finalist for the Man Booker Prize. Mr. Obioma described the attention his book has received as “life-changing.”

Yuhang Ho (2015 Winner, Film)—Malaysia’s Yuhang Ho is working on an omnibus film in collaboration with four other Southeast Asian Filmmakers and the Singapore National Gallery. He is also serving as a judge for the Film category of the 2016 Emerging Voices Awards.

Cristina Planas (2015 Winner, Visual Arts)—Peru’s Christina Planas has recently completed two new pieces in her award winning Vulture series despite official censure garnered for her exploration of Christian themes, which helped her win the very first Emerging Voices Awards in Visual Arts.

Many thanks to last year’s winners and all of the artists from the developing world who participate in the Emerging Voices Awards and continue to astonish, provoke and push past boundaries, both nationally and creatively.

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