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2018 Outlook

Join us for an interactive discussion on OppenheimerFunds 2018 Outlook.

December 5, 2017

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Bw a historical analysis of rising rates and factor strategies 620x349

A Historical Analysis of Rising Rates and Factor Strategies

Pro-cyclical factors, like Value and Size, tend to outperform when rates are rising.

Bw the bond rally is dead long live the bond rally 620x349

The Bond Rally Is Dead. Long Live the Bond Rally.

Reports of the demise of the U.S. Treasury rally may be premature.

Bw why its smart to get to know smart beta strategies 620x349

Why It's Smart to Get to Know Smart Beta Strategies

Smart beta strategies are likely to play a greater role in client portfolios going forward.

Bw january 2018 mlp market update mlps end 2017 on upswing 620x349

January 2018 MLP Market Update: MLPs End 2017 on Upswing

The Alerian MLP Index (AMZ) outperformed the S&P 500 Index in December.

Strategies Designed to Meet Portfolio Objectives

OppenheimerFunds offers a full suite of investment strategies designed to help investors meet their long-term objectives.

Smart Beta & ESG Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

OppenheimerFunds offers alternatively weighted U.S. and international ETFs that give investors a smarter way to own the market.

Bw can esg enhance investment returns 620x349

Can ESG Enhance Investment Returns?

Bw when evaluating factors consider seasonality 620x349

When Evaluating Factors, Consider Seasonality

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Bw 5 ways revenue tops market cap in weighting etfs 620x349

5 Reasons to Consider Revenue-Weighted ETFs

Investment Strategies for a Borderless World

In a world of limitless potential, the best investment opportunities aren’t restricted to just one country, continent or market cap.

Bw big opportunities in emerging market small and midcaps 620x349

Big Opportunities in Emerging Market Small and Mid-Caps

International Equities: Poised to Climb?

Bw international equities poised to climb 620x349

Discover a World of Opportunity Beyond U.S. Stocks

Bw discover a world of opportunity beyond us stocks 620x349
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Bw the car youll be driving five years from now 620x349

The Car You'll Be Driving Five Years from Now

Fixed Income Strategies to Fit Your Portfolio

Our full spectrum of fixed income funds are designed to meet investors’ needs.

Bw 3 potential benefits of international bonds 620x349

3 Potential Benefits of International Bonds

Bw impact investing benefitting society through fixed income 620x349

Impact Investing: Benefitting Society Through Fixed Income

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Bw senior loans a way to invest in household names 620x349

Senior Loans: A Way to Invest in Household Names

Alternatives That Complement Traditional Portfolios

Alternative fund strategies designed to complement traditional portfolios by offering exposure to non-traditional global asset classes.

Bw have mlp and midstream headwinds shifted to tailwinds 620x349

Have MLP and Midstream Headwinds Shifted to Tailwinds?

Bw winners and loser in groceries tech revolution 620x349

Winners and Losers in Grocery's Tech Revolution

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Bw january 2018 mlp market update mlps end 2017 on upswing 620x349

January 2018 MLP Market Update: MLPs End 2017 on Upswing

Multi-Asset Strategies to Help Navigate Global Markets

Explore our Global Multi-Asset Group (GMAG)’s approach to global markets and review their latest asset allocation decisions.

GMAG Monthly: The Global Expansion Continues

Bw gmag monthly the global expansion continues 620x349

GMAG Monthly: Increasing Emerging Markets Exposure

Bw gmag monthly increasing emerging markets exposure 620x349
Bw designing and managing objectivedriven portfolios 620x349

Designing and Managing Objective-Driven Portfolios

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Implications of the Fed Balance Sheet Run-Off

Bw federal reserve announcement 620x349

What Happened to the U.S. Dollar?

Bw what investors need to know about the 2016 election 620x349

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