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Taylor Watts

Senior Client Portfolio Manager

  • B.A. from Williams College

Taylor Watts serves as Senior Client Portfolio Manager for the Senior Corporate Loan Team. Prior to joining the Firm in 2015, he spent 24 years on the sell side of Wall Street, including stints with Chase and Credit Suisse, where his primary focus was on sales and placement of below-investment-grade debt. Over the years, he has built and run sales and distribution teams and has held senior management positions at several firms.

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  • B.A. from Williams College
  • 27 YRS


  • 3 YRS



Fixed Income

Senior Loans – The SUVs of Fixed Income

Senior Client Portfolio Manager

Senior loans are designed to handle a variety of conditions.

Domestic Debt

How a LIBOR Phase-Out Would Impact Senior Loans

Senior Client Portfolio Manager

Despite its role as a senior loan reference rate, LIBOR’s end may not disrupt the market.

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