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Tan Van Nguyen

Senior Research Analyst

  • M.A. and ScB from Brown University

Tan Van Nguyen serves as a senior research analyst on the Emerging Markets Equity team. Prior to joining the Firm in 2012, Mr. Nguyen was at Bain & Company, where he was an associate consultant conducting due diligence on a variety of industries, including consumer goods, computer software and hardware, and industrial goods and services. He also has expertise in financial modeling and has done extensive research in the TMT sectors.

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  • M.A. and ScB from Brown University
  • 7 YRS


  • 5 YRS



Emerging Markets Equity

Secrets from the Vault: How We Invest in EM Banks

Director of Emerging Market Equities, Portfolio Manager

Senior Research Analyst

The right banks can provide strong, sustained performance, but finding them requires imagination.

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