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Meral Karasulu, Ph.D.

Senior Analyst

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  • 18 YRS


  • 1 YR


  • B.A. from Bosphorus University
  • Ph.D. from Boston College

Meral Karasulu, Ph.D. serves as a senior research analyst on the Global Debt Team, covering emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe regions. She joined the Firm in 2015. Previously, Dr. Karasulu worked at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) where she served in a number of capacities over her seventeen year tenure, most recently serving as Deputy Division Chief in the Asia Pacific department.

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  • B.A. from Bosphorus University
  • Ph.D. from Boston College


Markets & Economy

The Letter from China: No Surprise Here!

Hemant Baijal

Co-Head of Global Debt Team

Meral Karasulu

Senior Analyst

China's annual Government Work Report is encouraging and carries investment implications.

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