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Macquarie Global Infrastructure

  1. 1. The views represented herein are the opinions of the Portfolio Managers at Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLC and are not intended as investment advice or to predict or depict the performance of any investment. These views are as of the date indicated, and are subject to change based on subsequent developments.
  2. 2. The Oppenheimer Macquarie Global Infrastructure strategy is Sub-Sub-Advised by Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLC, a global listed infrastructure securities manager and subsidiary of the Macquarie Group.
  3. Securities of companies engaged in infrastructure businesses can be susceptible to adverse economic, regulatory, political, legal and other changes affecting their industry. Small and mid-sized company stock is typically more volatile than that of larger company stock. It may take a substantial period of time to realize a gain on an investment in a small or mid-sized company, if any gain is realized at all. Emerging and developing market investments may be especially volatile. Foreign investments may be volatile and involve additional expenses and special risks, including currency fluctuations, foreign taxes, regulatory and geopolitical risks. REITs are dependent upon the quality of their management and may not be diversified geographically or by property type. REITs whose underlying properties are concentrated in a particular industry or geographic region are subject to risks affecting such industries and regions. Investing in MLPs involves additional risks as compared to the risks of investing in common stock, including risks related to cash flow, dilution and voting rights. Each Fund’s investments are concentrated in the energy infrastructure industry with an emphasis on securities issued by MLPs, which may increase volatility. Energy infrastructure companies are subject to risks specific to the industry such as fluctuations in commodity prices, reduced volumes of natural gas or other energy commodities, environmental hazards, changes in the macroeconomic or the regulatory environment or extreme weather. MLPs may trade less frequently than larger companies due to their smaller capitalizations which may result in erratic price movement or difficulty in buying or selling. Additional management fees and other expenses are associated with investing in MLP funds. A stapled security is comprised of two inseparable parts, a unit of a trust and a share of a company, resulting in a security influenced by both of its component parts. The value of, and income derived from, stapled securities can fall as well as rise. The listing of stapled securities on a domestic or foreign exchange does not guarantee a liquid market for them. Income trusts have equity and fixed income attributes and are thus subject to the risks associated generally with business cycles, commodity prices, market fluctuations and other economic factors, as well as credit, interest rate and dividend risks. The Fund is subject to liquidity risk. The Fund is classified as a “non-diversified” fund and may invest a greater portion of its assets in the securities of a single issuer.

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