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Global Value


The strategy focuses on absolute value by purchasing companies with a large gap between the value of the business and market price that also have durable advantages and effective management.

Investment Approach

The investment team believes consistent outperformance can be achieved by investing with tailwinds, discerning best undervalued ideas and taking intelligent risks. We look for structural change that will drive sustainable growth and seek to identify where the economic benefits will flow. We invest in companies with enduring business attributes, such as exceeding their cost of capital, generating revenue growth and free cash flow, maintaining defendable margins and having a strong brand, that operate in advantaged industries.

Value is always absolute; we value a business with a well-informed, strategic buyer approach and buy only when there is a substantial gap between the value of the business and the market price. We also emphasize effective company management in our decision making, as management affects business results. We look for teams that allocate capital sensibly and treat outside shareholders well. The result of our approach is a high conviction, highly differentiated portfolio of attractively priced stocks with asymmetric return profiles.

Global value infographic 1

Risk Management

Portfolio Level Monitoring

  • Active security, industry and sector weights
  • Projected volatility and tracking error
  • Exposure to unintended factor bets
  • Liquidity risk

Firm Level Monitoring

  • Comprehensive portfolio review with investment team and senior management
  • Individual security holdings across the entire firm

Available Vehicles

Other Types

For a suite of investment vehicles beyond mutual funds, please visit OFI Global Asset Management™, an OppenheimerFunds company, delivers the firm’s investment expertise and solutions to institutional and high-net worth investors.

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