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Global Multi Cap Growth


The strategy invests in companies we believe will gain a greater share of global growth due to long-term economic drivers and focuses on intellectual property-based areas of the market.

Investment Approach

The strategy invests in companies that we believe will gain a greater share of global GDP and that have long-term economic drivers that should serve as tailwinds for enduring growth. At the highest level, we categorize these structural themes into the rubric MANTRA: Mass Affluence, New Technology, Restructuring and Aging. Our sub-themes are concentrated in 21st century industries and favor intellectual property-based areas of the market.

Fundamental analysis guides our bottom-up approach to security selection. We invest in companies we believe have above-average earnings potential due to unique product offerings, typically protected by a patent, that are trading at levels that underestimate their long-term growth potential. Aimed to provide stability to the portfolio, we also use a barbell approach. Typically, 80% of the portfolio is comprised of high return potential positions and 20% is invested in more defensive positions, which are highly cash generative and blue chip in nature.

Global multi cap growth infographic 1

Risk Management

Stock Level

  • Rigorous research seeks to uncover attractive risk/reward opportunities
  • Liquidity, valuation and earnings growth help determine position sizes
  • Confidence in company management

Strategy Level

  • Monitor portfolio positioning and active risk resulting from individual security selection
  • Risk Group utilizes quantitative tools to identify factor and style exposure

Firm Level: Independent Risk Management Team

  • Performs comprehensive portfolio reviews with investment team and senior management
  • Monitors individual security holdings across the entire firm

Available Vehicles

Other Types

For a suite of investment vehicles beyond mutual funds, please visit OFI Global Asset Management™, an OppenheimerFunds company, delivers the firm’s investment expertise and solutions to institutional and high-net worth investors.

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