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Global Multi Alternatives


The strategy seeks to generate attractive total returns with low sensitivity to traditional asset classes over a full market cycle by dynamically allocating across a diverse set of alpha, income and real asset alternatives.

Investment Approach

The strategy seeks to provide a one-stop alternatives solution for portfolios. It dynamically allocates across a thoughtful blend of alternative assets and strategies that are not only diversified from traditional asset classes but from each other as well. The strategy seeks to provide total return over the long term with low sensitivity to traditional market factors.

The investment team takes a top-down approach to dynamically manage allocations and allocates to multiple underlying alternative assets and strategies that are grouped into three categories; Alpha Strategies, Real Assets and Income Alternatives. Each category is designed to address specific market risks. By combining these three categories of alternatives, we believe we can enhance the potential for attractive diversification and risk-adjusted returns in a portfolio.

Global multi alternatives infographic 1

Risk Management

Financial markets regularly deliver surprises, unanticipated events and reactions that can create near-term havoc, as well as near-term opportunities. To prepare for the unexpected, we seek to actively manage risk. To manage risks in the strategy, the investment team regularly perform stress tests and scenario analyses to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Available Vehicles

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