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Core Plus Bond


A domestic debt strategy that employs a top-down and bottom-up approach to primarily invest in a dynamic mix of attractively valued U.S. investment-grade fixed income securities.

Investment Approach

The Investment Grade Debt team seeks to generate consistent risk-adjusted outperformance relative to the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index while exhibiting similar levels of risk. The team believes such outperformance can be achieved by operating within a risk-controlled framework, employing a shorter-term investment horizon of 6-12 months, and expressing top-down views primarily via active sector allocation.

We take a top-down, bottom-up investment approach, where our 6-12 month investment outlook influences portfolio manager risk budgeting across drivers of return. Sector-dedicated research analysts are responsible for security analysis and selection. Risk management is critical throughout our process and includes multi-layered/dimensional risk limits as well as the use of various proprietary tools including stop-outs.

Core plus bond infographic 1

There can be no assurance that any investment process or strategy will achieve its investment objective.

Risk Management

Portfolio Team

  • Strict Adherence to multi-layered and multi-dimensional risk limits
  • Regular reconciliation to portfolio risk budgeting targets
  • Disciplined use and employment of stop-outs

Independent Risk Management Team: Portfolio Level Monitoring

  • Projected portfolio volatility and tracking error
  • Various interest rate and spread sensitivity metrics
  • Active sector and issuer weights

Independent Risk Management Team: Firm Level Monitoring

  • Comprehensive portfolio review with investment team and senior management
  • Individual security holdings across the entire firm

Available Vehicles

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