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Global Debt
The Global Economy: Let Us Have Faith in This Expansion

We believe the global economic recovery still has room to run.

Bw the global economy let us have faith in this expansion 620x349
Turgut Kisinbay
| January 02, 2018
Fixed Income
What the Tax Bill Means for Municipal Bonds

Blending taxable and municipal bonds may improve after-tax returns and diversification.

Bw what the tax bill means for municipal bonds 620x349
Tim Benzel
| December 21, 2017
Domestic Debt
Senior Loans: A Way to Invest in Household Names

Many senior loan issuers happen to be well-known industry leaders.

Bw senior loans a way to invest in household names 620x349
December 05, 2017
Fixed Income
Impact Investing: Benefitting Society Through Fixed Income

How to help clients achieve their impact – and long-term investing – goals with bonds.

Bw impact investing benefitting society through fixed income 620x349
Ned Dane
Matt Straut
| November 17, 2017
Domestic Debt
Q&A: Where Will Bond Yields Go From Here?

Portfolio Manager Peter Strzalkowski’s view on what fixed income investors should consider.

Bw where will bond yields go from here 620x349
Brian Levitt
Gregory Brown
| November 16, 2017
Global Debt
It's President Xi's Party and He Will Make China Great Again

Political dynamics point to more sustainable economic growth in China.

Bw its president xis party and he will make china great again 620x349
Meral Karasulu
| November 08, 2017
Domestic Debt
Solving for the Passive "Aggregate" Problem

Active fixed-income strategies may sometimes be preferable to their passive counterparts.

November 07, 2017
Domestic Debt
Balancing Income and Volatility in Fixed Income

Combining investment-grade bonds and senior loans may improve investor outcomes.

Bw balancing income and volatility in fixed income 620x349
November 03, 2017
Domestic Debt
With Bonds, Going International May Offer Benefits

Adding international bonds to your U.S. bond portfolio may help increase outcomes.

Bw with bonds going international may offer benefits 620x349
November 01, 2017
Domestic Debt
Beyond Income, Investment-Grade Debt Offers Ballast

Our investment-grade portfolios seek to hold their value under stressed market conditions.

Bw ig infographic 620x349
October 17, 2017
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