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Perspectives on Multi-Asset Investing


Explore our Global Multi-Asset Group (GMAG)’s approach to global markets and review their latest asset allocation decisions. Our team combines multiple independent perspectives to navigate global markets through the business cycle.

GMAG Monthly: Increasing Emerging Markets Exposure

We are adding risk to our portfolio amid signs of a reacceleration in global growth.

GMAG Monthly: Can Markets Deliver Another Year Like 2017?

Thanks to strong growth and rising earnings, the global backdrop remains positive in our view.

GMAG Monthly: Reflecting on Market Volatility

We expect equities to continue offering the most attractive opportunity.

Bw finding where opportunities intersect 340x244

Finding Where Opportunities Intersect

Asset allocation team brings together experts from diverse fields to find opportunities.

Bw dynamic asset allocation through the business cycle 960x334

How We Explain the Business Cycle Differently

Our definitions of the business cycle are more nuanced than the traditional understanding.

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