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Perspectives on Emerging Markets


Explore our approach to investing in emerging market equities. We are steadfast in our belief that there is a powerful structural case to investing in emerging markets and continue to focus on investing in companies that we believe are structurally advantaged and positioned for sustainable long-term growth.

The Case for Emerging Markets

Emerging markets may be poised to outperform developed markets over the next market cycle.

Discovering Emerging Markets Innovators

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In Emerging Markets, Is Large-Cap Only Exposure Enough?
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Invest in New Growth Sectors to Reduce Volatility
Bw 5176520842001 620x349
Focus on Investing in Emerging Markets’ Future, Not Past
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Discovering Emerging Markets Innovators
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Focus on the Brightest Stars in Emerging Markets Universe
Bw 5086818145001 620x349
How to Separate Good Ideas from Great Investments
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Finding Opportunity in Emerging Markets Innovation
Bw 5045163174001 620x349
Emerging Markets Evolution and What It Means for Investors
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Benchmarks Don’t Reflect New Emerging Markets Reality
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Big Ideas Driving Innovation in Emerging Markets
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Despite Short-Term Challenges, Great Companies Matter

We believe that certain emerging market equities possess significant growth potential.

Emerging Markets Equity

An emerging markets equity strategy that looks to invest in exceptional companies that are characterized by durable earnings growth with unique competitive advantages.

Strategy Inception


Emerging Markets Innovators

An emerging markets equity strategy that invests in small and mid-cap companies with sustainable advantages and innovative or disruptive business models.

Strategy Inception


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