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Perspectives on Catastrophe Bonds


Explore our perspectives on catastrophe bonds (“cat bonds”), a relatively young asset class with unique investment characteristics. We believe cat bonds can be powerful diversifiers in investors’ portfolios as these securities are linked to natural catastrophic events and tend to have very little correlation to traditional asset classes.

The Fundamentals of Catastrophe Bonds

Cat bonds are event-linked securities based on reinsurance losses tied to catastrophes.

The Roles of Catastrophe Bonds in Investors' Portfolios

Cat bonds are uncorrelated to other assets and can offer several potential benefits.

Catastrophe Bonds Videos

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Cat Bond Triggers and Event-Loss Determination
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Cat Bonds and Insurance-Linked Securities
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How Do Cat Bonds Compare with High-Yield Bonds?
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5 Factors that Can Affect Cat Bond Prices
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Our Cat Bond Investment Philosophy and Process
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The Potential Roles of Cat Bonds in a Portfolio
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Allocating to Cat Bonds
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How Cat Bonds Have Fared During Catastrophic Events

Cat Bond

A strategy that invests in global catastrophe-bond-insurance-linked securities, primarily found in the Swiss Re Global Cat Bond Total Return Index.

Strategy Inception


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Understanding Catastrophe Bonds

We answer key questions on catastrophe bonds as an asset class and investment opportunity.

Diversifying into Catastrophe Bonds

Catastrophe bonds have the potential to improve and diversify portfolio returns.

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