Should you wait for your party to win before you invest? The facts say no. Investors who stayed out of the market when either Democrats or Republicans were in office ended up earning much less than those who stayed fully invested.

Is there one party that’s better for the markets than another? No. There are far more important factors impacting the economy and the stock market.

Wouldn’t we all be better off if both political parties were more cooperative and compromising? Not necessarily. Historically, the markets tend to do very well when there is political gridlock.

Should you avoid investing when approval ratings for the President are low? No. Historically markets have performed well when approval ratings were in the 35% to 50% range.

Should we avoid investing because our political system is currently so dysfunctional and filled with vitriol? No. Our political system has always been contentious. Two of our early leaders even resolved their differences with duels on the White House lawn!

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