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Why Impact Investing Appeals to Wealthy Millennials
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Why Wealthy Millennials Are Conservative Investors
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Millennials Seek Personalized Advice From Advisors
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How Advisors Can Connect With Millennial Clients
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Why are so many ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) Millennials interested in impact investing, which looks to provide social or environmental benefits along with sustainable returns? And in a world with no shortage of causes in need of help, where are most UHNW Millennials looking to direct their funds?

In this video series, Ned Dane, Head of OppenheimerFunds’ Private Client Group, explains why the wealthiest members of Generation Y view their wealth as a tool for sustaining their families across multiple generations, as well as a means to improving living conditions for the less fortunate.

He also discusses why UHNW Millennials have such a strong interest in personalized advice from advisors they trust. It’s well-known that Millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 1995, are digital natives, having come of age with the Internet, smartphones and social networking platforms at their fingertips.

But when it comes to financial advice, they’re looking to work directly with trusted financial advisors who understand their unique needs. As part of this series, Dane discusses why social media isn’t having a transformative impact on how wealthy Millennials seek advice, provides tips on how advisors can connect with these young adults, and reveals why this demographic tends to be conservative when it comes to investing.

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