In 1969, when most American investors were focused exclusively on the U.S. market, OppenheimerFunds recognized that a world of opportunity laid outside the United States’ borders. It was one of the first U.S. asset managers to offer a global equity fund. Since then, the firm has thoughtfully expanded its equity product offerings to include an array of global and international offerings that aim to address a diverse set of investor needs.

Today, the firm is one of the largest and most recognized managers of global and international equity assets. The firm’s Global Equity Team shares a common philosophy, while portfolio managers are still encouraged to pursue their own style in accordance with their strategy’s specific mandate. The key tenets of the team’s shared philosophy are:

  1. Identify investment opportunities that arise from structural growth trends, including mass affluence, new technology, restructuring, and aging. 
  2. Invest for the long term.
  3. Focus on careful, bottom-up stock selection.  
  4. Take a high conviction approach to portfolio management.  
  5. Work within a small team for optimal decision-making and collaboration, and draw on a team of analysts who are generalists and thereby have a broad view for identifying the best opportunities in any sector or industry

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