NEWYORK, Jan. 22, 2016 – OppenheimerFunds, a leading global asset manager, entered the fast-growing smart beta space and is now offering Oppenheimer Factor Weighted ETFs. The products and solutions offer a unique approach for clients looking to access the ETF market. By weighting each security in the index on the basis of top line revenue, the Factor Weighted Strategies offer the possibility to reduce overexposure to potentially overpriced sectors and stocks while still providing diversification across every security in an index.

“OppenheimerFunds has been at the forefront of offering innovative solutions to clients for nearly 60 years. The Oppenheimer Factor Weighted ETFs are another example of how we are striving to best serve our clients with the products and solutions they are looking for,” said Art Steinmetz, Chairman and CEO at OppenheimerFunds. “We think revenue weighting is particularly compelling because it is designed to create a better balanced portfolio.”

OppenheimerFunds’ philosophy on smart beta is that outperformance comes from a variety of sectors, not just a few, and that revenue weighting more closely reflects growth in the broader economy. However, revenue weighting still allows investors to own every company in an index and capture the broad, diversified exposure to the market. Traditional market-cap-weighted index funds offer a number of positive attributes, though they have certain limitations, such as overexposure to expensive holdings.

“Our introduction of revenue weighted ETFs is a direct response to feedback from our clients, who are increasingly looking for an ETF offering with the benefits of an active strategy,” said John McDonough, Head of Distribution at OppenheimerFunds. “We believe that re-weighting indices on the basis of fundamental factors like revenue may enable our investors to earn both higher returns and better returns on a risk-adjusted basis than market cap indices over the long term.”

“This proprietary offering brings a unique approach for OppenheimerFunds’ clients,” said Vince Lowry, Lead Portfolio Manager, Oppenheimer Revenue Factor Team. “Identifying revenue as our fundamental factor gives all of our ETFs a rules-based, disciplined approach not easily manipulated or influenced by market emotionality.”

The full suite of Oppenheimer Factor Weighted ETFs includes:

In December 2015, OppenheimerFunds Inc. acquired VTL Associates LLC, the investment adviser to the Oppenheimer Revenue Weighted ETF Trust, formerly the RevenueShares ETF Trust, and the Oppenheimer Factor Weighted ETFs. To learn more, visit OppenheimerFunds’ Press Room or Factor Weighted ETFs page.