NEW YORK, September 4, 2013 – OppenheimerFunds has launched a new integrated campaign to encourage advisors and investors to have a new conversation regarding how to solve for the needs of growth, income and protection against certain risks in a portfolio. The “Growth.Income.Protection.” campaign introduces a fresh way of thinking about and solving for the challenges presented by the changing market and social environment facing investors.

“The old roadmap for obtaining financial security has become increasingly outdated,” said Marty Willis, Chief Marketing Officer of OppenheimerFunds. “In the past, investors could count on their pensions and Social Security to provide for security in retirement, but today, people are living longer and must support themselves without a paycheck during an extended retirement. Markets are not generating the returns we have grown accustomed to and compensation has not kept up with the cost of living. Through Growth.Income.Protection. advisors can help their clients find solutions to these unprecedented challenges.”

As part of its commitment to being a digital leader and early adopter of new technologies, OppenheimerFunds campaign will launch with a heavy, interactive digital focus, including the use of impact units in print throughout the fall and into next year. Beyond advertising, other key elements of the campaign include the use of infographics to help tell the investing story in a visual way, an investor goals matrix that helps align some of OppenheimerFunds’ products with their ability to help solve for one or more of the investor goals and a newly created campaign landing page:

The new landing page, which is optimized for mobile, desktop and tablets, features video commentary from OppenheimerFunds thought leaders, including President and Chief Investment Officer Art Steinmetz, George Evans, CIO Equities, and Krishna Memani, CIO Fixed Income, among others. It also provides advisors and investors with tips on how to initiate a conversation focused on solving for the needs of growth, income and protection against certain risks. Additionally, the landing page highlights specific OppenheimerFunds products that look for growth globally, explore new sources of income and potentially help protect against certain risks to a portfolio, such as domestic and import price inflation, currency volatility, policy uncertainty and the risk of rising interest rates.

Growth.Income.Protection comes on the heels of OppenheimerFunds’ award winning Globalize Your Thinking campaign, which received over 35 accolades including 12 Financial Communications Society Awards (including 2 Best in Shows), 11 MarCom Awards, 10 Mutual Fund Education Alliance Star Awards and 3 OMMA Awards. The Globalize Your Thinking campaign’s goal was to encourage financial advisors to rethink their strategies and consider the benefits of diversification to reflect a truly global allocation. Growth.Income.Protection not only continues to deliver this viewpoint, but introduces a fresh way of thinking about and solving for the current challenges facing investors.

“The world has changed, and the traditional portfolio of 60 percent domestic equities and 40 percent high-grade bonds no longer reflects the best way to invest,” said Mr. Steinmetz. “We recommend investors adopt a new 60/40, one that can expand the growth opportunity set, generate real income and help protect against certain risks. For example, investors should consider globalizing their equity allocations and moving beyond traditional U.S.-based fixed income assets for income generation towards assets like dividend-paying equities and international bonds. We look forward to sharing our perspectives on the right way to invest through this innovative new campaign.”

*Protection is positioned as an investment goal. Investing in certain securities may help to hedge against certain risk but does not imply any guarantee from loss. Mutual funds are subject to risk and volatility. Shares may gain or lose value.