Globalization is shrinking the world while simultaneously expanding the opportunity set for investors. Today, many multinational companies generate a significant portion of their revenues outside their home country—and we believe investors stand to profit from such companies through a diversified global strategy.

Additionally, the wide dispersion of individual stock returns globally presents skilled active managers with the opportunity to reap attractive long-term returns.

About Oppenheimer Global Fund

Since 1969, Oppenheimer Global Fund’s success has been driven by one mission: The quest for companies with strong fundamentals at attractive prices. We focus on investing in quality businesses with enduring growth characteristics and the ability to earn meaningfully more than their cost of capital—companies that operate in industries with high barriers to entry.

We view valuation as critical, since returns are a function of the price investors pay. Fundamental research drives our bottom-up stock selection, resulting in a portfolio that we believe is resilient in a variety of market conditions.

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