Oppenheimer Global Fund Class A Share has maintained its Silver Analyst Rating by Morningstar, a leading global provider of independent investment research. Morningstar pointed to several key factors, including a seasoned investment team, consistent approach to growth investing, and low fees, as reasons for the fund’s Silver designation.

According to Morningstar, Rajeev Bhaman, CFA, OppenheimerFunds’ Global Equities Director and Portfolio Manager of Oppenheimer Global Fund, “has built an enviable record” during his 21 years at OppenheimerFunds and his “performance has been impressive” since he began managing the strategy in 2004.

Morningstar described how Rajeev and Co-Portfolio Manager John Delano, CFA, approach global growth investing. They seek “high-quality, innovative firms in industries with long-term structural growth,” according to Morningstar, and then hold stocks for the long-term, believing that well-run firms sustain their competitive advantages.

Morningstar said that “investors have been well rewarded with risk-adjusted returns that have been solidly above average over the past decade,” relative to OPPAX’s peers. The fund also earned a Positive Performance rating from Morningstar, which cited the fund’s top-quintile returns, compared with its peer group, over the three-, five-, and 10-year periods through May 2017. Below-average fees also contribute the fund’s overall four-star rating among 714 funds in the World Large Stock category over the three, five and ten year periods ended 6/30/17, based on risk adjusted performance.

According to Morningstar, “Patient, long-term investors would be well served by this fund.”

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