Designed to help you synthesize right-brain creativity with left-brain analytics, the Institute’s collaborative personal and professional development program—presented in a series of modules—can help you transform your practice from a “sales model” to a “professional model.” This will enable you to organize and deploy synergistic teams that are designed to provide unparalleled advice, as well as proactively service and consistently grow your bottom-line. Above all, you’ll be embarking on an exciting and transformative journey—with CEO Advisor Institute as your partner the entire way.

The comprehensive program is comprised of a various frameworks including:

  • Life on Purpose: Building a life on purpose is designed to bring the two worlds of a productive and successful career and a life of profound meaning and purpose together and unleash their collective power and impact.
  • Professional Practice: Juxtaposes our industry’s traditional sales oriented business model with a professional one looking at what you offer that can’t be digitalized, marginalized, and offshored, cultural blind spots, the challenge of complexity, and an introduction to the four rooms that define your practice.
  • Compelling Conversations: Helps you to consciously architect conversations to achieve your desired outcome, focus not only on what you say but how you say it to differentiate you from the competition, and combine a well written script with eloquent timing to craft the ideal conversations.
  • Compelling Wealth Management Conversations: Offers insights that allow you to help investors manage their emotions, provides broad philosophical and historical perspectives can help defuse common investing fears, and outlines principles of sound investing, historical context and opportunities.

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