Artists and investors share a common language of ideas. They find inspiration in places one wouldn’t immediately think to look. Both delight in provocation. And ultimately, the artists and investors of the developing nations are optimists. They see a future made brighter by the power of creativity.

A Developing World of Opportunities

OppenheimerFunds seeks out companies with leadership strategies that use ingenuity to solve existing and new problems. These companies aim to improve what already exists, to bridge and connect people. “We focus on something extraordinary, which is uniquely gifted companies and entrepreneurs,” says Justin Leverenz, founder of the Emerging Voices Awards and Director of Emerging Markets Equities at OppenheimerFunds. “I think great artists and great investors are both in the business of ideas and both need to be unconventional.”

The Emerging Markets Equity Team is looking for innovators who are doing things differently. “Whether it’s in the consumer space, in the healthcare space, in technology, sometimes you meet companies and the bell goes off, and you know it’s a huge opportunity,” says Heidi Heikenfeld, Portfolio Manager on the OppenheimerFunds Emerging Markets Equity Team. “There are so many promising new companies in the developing world and if you don’t invest directly in these emerging markets, you could miss the opportunity to capitalize on the innovation that’s happening there.”

Ingenuity Is a Thing of Beauty

Ingenious individuals, like exceptional companies, are rare and demand investment. The mission of the Emerging Voices Awards is to show the world just how much these filmmakers, novelists, and visual artists have to teach us all. This year the awards received 797 outstanding entries from artists in over 60 emerging market nations.

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