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Required Plan Restatement for Pension Protection Act (PPA)

Required restatement of qualified plans onto new plan document to conform to federal tax laws and guidance.


Contribution Processing System (CPS) Fast Facts

OppenheimerFunds' Contribution Processing System (CPS) is an Internet-based system that allows you to submit retirement plan contributions electronically and receive confirmation instantaneously.


Form 5500 Schedule C Resource Guide

Schedule C of the Form 5500, Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan requires detailed reporting of fees paid—directly or indirectly—to plan service providers from plan assets or participant accounts.


Are You Prepared to File Under the New Form 5500 Schedule C Rules?

Special rules apply for reporting compensation on the modified Schedule C of Form 5500, which is the form that must be filed annually with the Department of Labor on behalf of your retirement plan.


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