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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning isn't just a box you check, it's a series of some of the most important financial decisions you'll ever have to make. OppenheimerFunds is pleased to provide you with a suite of retirement investing tools and resources to help you plan for your future.

Is a Successful Retirement Within Your Reach?

Find out now whether your retirement savings are in sync with your goals.

Identifying Sources of Retirement Income

When you retire you’ll likely draw on a number of available income sources.

Forecasting Retirement Expenses

Figuring out your budget is the first step to a retirement income plan.

Compounding: The Value of an Early Start

By investing early and often, your investments may then begin to generate their own earnings.

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Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA

Compare the unique advantages of IRA and Roth IRA retirement savings accounts.

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The Ins and Outs of a 403(b)

Details about how a 403(b) plan works, and how it can help you save for retirement.

Retirement Plans for Small Business Owners

Find the retirement plan that's right for you.

Single K for the Owner-Only Employer

Single K plans, for owner-only businesses, are inexpensive and easy to maintain.


SIMPLE IRAs may be an attractive alternative to 401(k) s for businesses with up to 100 employees.


SEP IRAs offer high annual contribution limits and flexibility for employers.

Profit Sharing

The administrative burden is higher than other plans, but so are contribution limits.

OppenheimerFunds-Sponsored Retirement Account Fees

The following is a summary of certain fees that may be assessed from your retirement account.

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At My Age, What Can I Do to Prepare for Retirement?

Our tips can help you improve your retirement savings strategy at any age.

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What Is the Best Age to Claim Social Security?

Knowing how age affects Social Security benefits is key to maximizing lifetime income.

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Social Security’s 'Magical' Age

Postponing claiming can help optimize monthly income.

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Why It May Pay to Wait

Claim Social Security sooner and you may wind up with lower total payout.

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Perks for Married Couples Who Plan Ahead

Social Security rules permit a number of options that may benefit married couples.

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