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China, Equity Market Vigilantes Overrun Fed Plans

Krishna Memani

Chief Investment Officer

Turmoil in China and global markets has likely delayed Fed plans to raise interest rates.




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Bw navigating emerging market risk and return 620x349


Emerging Markets Equity Team

The team looks for exceptional companies, regardless of their region or sector.

Bw finding growth stocks in europe forbes article 620x349


Finding Growth Stocks in Europe profiles Rezo Kanovich of Oppenheimer International Small Company Fund.

Bw growth stocks international growth fund oppenheimerfunds 620x349


Our Approach to International Growth Investing

George R. Evans

Chief Investment Officer, Equities

George Evans explains the themes that help him select international growth stocks.

Bw benefits of global investing 620x349


The Benefits of Global Investing

A global equity portfolio can be better than combining U.S. and international stocks.

Bw china stock market 620x349


A Long-term Perspective on China's Stock Market

Justin Leverenz

Director of Emerging Markets Equities

John Paul Lech

Senior Research Analyst

In spite of the market volatility, our focus on finding quality companies is unchanged.

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The Benefits of Active Management for Investors

Brian Levitt

Senior Investment Strategist

Alec Young

Investment Strategist

Patient, active investment management is key to helping investors achieve long-term goals.

Bw emering markets developing markets oppenheimerfunds 620x349


What's Next in the Emerging Markets?

Justin Leverenz

Director of Emerging Markets Equities

Justin Leverenz still focuses on choosing high-quality companies at appropriate prices.


Why Invest in Emerging Market Equities?

Emerging market output continues to grow while valuations remain attractive.

Bw why invest in emerging market equities 620x349


Emerging Markets: A Mid-Year Perspective

Justin Leverenz

Director of Emerging Markets Equities

We see some encouraging signs of stabilization, but no recovery yet in trade or credit.

Bw mid cap stocks best of both worlds 620x349


Mid Cap Stocks Offer Investors the Best of Both Worlds

Mid-cap stocks offer exposure to one of the most attractive parts of the equity market.

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