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Tax-Free Muni Funds, the Rochester Way

A guide to our value-oriented, research-intensive and security-specific investing approach.

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News & Insights

Rochester Conference Call Highlights 9/7/16

Municipal bond market performance has been generally positive during 2016.

Now in Place: A Powerful Federal Oversight Board

As set forth in PROMESA, 7 experts will be in charge of the Commonwealth's fiscal affairs.

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Nine Months In, Investors Are Sitting Pretty

Industry-wide, tax-free bond funds have had 52 consecutive weeks of inflows.

Our Family of Funds

Our team offers Maturity Managed, AMT-Free, Single-State
and High Yield muni funds.

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Investing in Maturity Managed Muni Funds

Oppenheimer Rochester offers five funds for muni investors seeking to minimize uncertainty.

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Investing in AMT-Free Muni Funds

Our long-term, AMT-free funds aim to deliver tax-free income, not increased AMT exposure.

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Investing in Single-State Muni Funds

Our long-term, single-state funds seek tax-free income largely generated by state bonds.

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Investing in High Yield Muni Funds

Oppenheimer Rochester's high yield fund aggressively seeks high levels of tax-free income.

Bw puerto rico roundup 620x349

Rochester’s Puerto Rico Roundup

Find out what's happening for municipal securities issued on the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Rochester Annual Overview 2015

A look at the news, market trends and investing strategies
that affected muni funds in 2015.

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Building Portfolios Designed for the Long Term

Our team's tenacity, focus and patience helped shareholders earn tax-free income in 2015.

Bw sectors rochester annual overview oppenheimerfunds 620x349

Sector Stories Shaped by Credit Team’s Work Ethic

Our bond-centric and collaborative approach continued to contribute to shareholder value.

Bw puerto rico rochester annual overview oppenheimerfunds 620x349

Navigating the Blustery Conditions in Puerto Rico

Amid media attention and market volatility, Commonwealth bonds offered attractive yields.

Bw dividends rochester annual overview oppenheimerfunds 620x349

Providing Dividends for Investors and Communities

In 2015, muni bonds funds helped shareholders and municipalities achieve their own goals.

Rochester Municipals Team

Rochester Portfolio Management Team

Rochester's portfolio management team works to find compelling municipal bond opportunities.

The Rochester Credit Analyst Team

Find out what strategies this team employs when researching new issues.

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