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College Savings

529 college savings plans are a great way for individuals and families to make college possibly more affordable.

Money in 529 plans can help you stretch your dollars even further because it is professionally managed, has the opportunity to grow, and may enjoy tax benefits. Saving early and often – even in small, affordable amounts – can make a big difference. Learn the facts about 529 college savings plans and how opening a 529 plan may have a positive impact on your family's finances for years to come.

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Understanding 529s

A 529 plan can help make college more affordable for your family and your child.

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The True Cost of College

Putting off saving for college is driven by one or more of the three myths or misconceptions.

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Tax Benefits

Tax benefits are an attractive component of a 529, but not all plans are the same.

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Your College Funding Game Plan

Paying for college typically involves financial aid, loans and savings. The exact mix matters.

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