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Capital Income Fund: Seeking Both Offense and Defense

The fund offers a blend of equity, high-grade fixed-income and opportunistic strategies.

Bw capital income fund opportunistic strategy 620x349
April 16, 2018
Growth, but at a Decelerating Rate

Decelerating economic activity over the past month has confirmed our view.

Bw gmag monthly growth but at a decelerating rate 620x349
Alessio de Longis
Ben Rockmuller
| April 13, 2018
GMAG Monthly: Reflecting on Market Volatility

We expect equities to continue offering the most attractive opportunity.

Bw gmag monthly reflecting on market volatility 620x349
February 26, 2018
GMAG Monthly: Can Markets Deliver Another Year Like 2017?

Thanks to strong growth and rising earnings, the global backdrop remains positive in our view.

Bw gmag monthly can markets deliver another year like 2017 620x349
January 24, 2018
Market Sentiment May Be a Leading Economic Indicator

Our Market Sentiment Indicator helps the GMAG team make asset allocation decisions.

Bw market sentiment may be a leading economic indicator 620x349
Alessio de Longis
Dianne Ellis
| December 05, 2017
GMAG Monthly: Increasing Our Equity Exposure

Fundamentals remain strong across all regions and global indicators suggest continued expansion.

Bw gmag monthly increasing our equity exposure 620x349
November 20, 2017
A Potential Income Solution for a Rising Rate Environment?

Global Multi-Asset Income Fund is designed to deliver consistent income from diversified sources.

Bw a potential income solution for a rising rate environment 620x349
October 31, 2017
GMAG Monthly: The Global Expansion Continues

Economic fundamentals remain positive across all regions.

Bw gmag monthly the global expansion continues 620x349
October 27, 2017
GMAG Monthly: Increasing Emerging Markets Exposure

We are adding risk to our portfolio amid signs of a reacceleration in global growth.

Bw gmag monthly increasing emerging markets exposure 620x349
September 19, 2017
Implications of the Fed Balance Sheet Run-Off

We believe the Fed’s plan to reduce its balance sheet is unlikely to roil bond markets.

Bw federal reserve announcement 620x349
Alessio de Longis
Jesse Hurwitz
| September 05, 2017
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