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Global Debt
The Latest on Oppenheimer Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund

Recent performance and portfolio positioning for Oppenheimer Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund.

Bw the latest on oppenheimer emerging markets local debt fund 620x349
Hemant Baijal
Wim Vandenhoeck
| July 20, 2018
Global Debt
The Latest on Oppenheimer International Bond Fund

Recent performance and portfolio positioning for Oppenheimer International Bond Fund.

Bw the latest on oppenheimer international bond fund 620x349
Q2 Investors Have a Taste for Plain Vanilla Market

This corner of the fixed-income market maintains its appeal for investors seeking tax-free income.

Bw q2 investors have a taste for plain vanilla market 620x349
The Oppenheimer Municipal Fund Management Team
| July 19, 2018
Domestic Debt
Rising Interest Rates? Look to Senior Loans

Floating rate coupons help make senior loans an attractive investment when interest rates rise.

Bw rising interests rates 620x349
Domestic Debt
Senior Loans Can Be A Strong Core Holding

Senior loans’ income, return and volatility traits make them attractive as a core holding.

Bw senior loans can be a strong core holding 620x349
Investing in AMT-Free Muni Funds

Our long-term, AMT-free funds aim to deliver tax-free income, not increased AMT exposure.

Bw amt free investing alternative minumum tax 620x349
Investing in High Yield Muni Funds

Oppenheimer Rochester's high yield funds aggressively seek high levels of tax-free income.

Bw investing in high yield muni funds 620x349
Investing in Single-State Muni Funds

Our long-term, single-state funds seek tax-free income largely generated by state bonds.

Bw state fund single state muni 620x349
National Funds Aim for Solid, After-Tax Returns

Two products with carefully constructed risk constraints seek highly competitive dividends.

Bw national funds aim for solid after tax returns 620x349
Michael Camarella
Charlie Pulire
| July 03, 2018
Global Debt
Why We Believe Emerging Markets Continue to Look Attractive

Against a positive global backdrop, a weakening dollar should help support global assets.

Bw why we believe emerging markets continue to look attractive 620x349
Turgut Kisinbay
Meral Karasulu
| June 20, 2018
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